May 31, 2010

Its Time To Spook The Herd

Common Sense Commentary: Its Time To Spook The Herd
A huge thunderstorm in the mountains sends a deluge of water flooding down the canyon toward the thousands of flatland cattle resting there. Their masters, the cowboys, circle slowly around their peaceful bovine singing pleasantly of love and "don't worry be happy" songs as they ride through the dark night. The dumb beasts are comforted and assured that they are safe. At all costs....Don't Spook The Herd and cause a stampede.

Our government and the Federal Reserve feed their media, economic, propaganda, machine on sweetened, Positive Exaggeration but never Exaggerate to the Negative....unless it is to blame the other party. In a word........ "deception". Deception is always at the expense of the raw, unvarnished truth which is absolutely essential to good decision making. Correct decisions cannot be made upon false information, misrepresentation, or lies. In my opinion, ninety percent of "officialdom" in D.C. want to keep their voters happy on the pabulum of half truths and pretty lies. They would speak well of the devil and hell if that would pacify the folks back home.

The honest, solid citizens who have spent their lives seeking the truth in economics, investing, and in all things, who study and dig and analyze the "Official" numbers and words, in more depth than the pseudo news media, know that the economy is never as good as we are told by Washington and the Fed. They don't want to spook the herd with the truth and consequences of their political actions....But a raging torrent of Socialism, Economic Catastrophe, and loss of our Constitutional Freedoms is flooding down the canyons from Washington's elite rulers. Its time to spook the herd....and save our nation.....Pass it on. RB

May 30, 2010


We are fellow passengers on the ship of life
on a stormy, sin tossed, sea of strife.
It is a sinking ship and betrays our trust
for it is destined to sink and sink it must;
But He who peacefully walks upon the sea
reaches out His hand to you and to me. RB

I was conceived eighty years ago and have ministered to needy souls with God's
Word since I was a 19 year old Marine in North Korea at a place called the
Chosin Reservoir surrounded by 150, 000 Chinese Communist soldiers.
My ministry started there in 1950 while fighting through eight enemy road
blocks in Hell Fire Valley between Koto-ri and Hagaru-ri with George Company
of 3-1-1. We were ordered to fight our way north, through the valley to
reinforce First Marine Division Headquarters ten miles away on the south shore
of the Chosin Reservoir. Now retired from the Pastorate, this blog, my pulpit.
Pass it on. RB