Jun 30, 2010

America's "INDEPENDENCE" Day...July 4th

Common Sense Commentary: When July 4th arrives each year, many Americans are thinking of a holiday, time off, having a party, relax and drink some beer, go to the lake, golf, watch some fireworks....FUN TIME !!! I am not thinking of any of those things today. I am thinking of what one of the greatest Kings in History said in Psm.11:3, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" It has become all too obvious that our national heritage, freedom, free press, national defense, real education, law, and morality are being destroyed in America. No amount of 4th of July celebration will change that.

At the top of a rocky summit overlooking the bay where the Mayflower first cast anchor, is a statue. On the four corners of this huge pedestal are seated four figures representing LAW, MORALITY, FREEDOM, and EDUCATION. They are emblematic of the four-square foundation of our nation.

Rising high above the four figures is a glorious granite shaft on which stands a heroic-sized figure of FAITH. One hand of FAITH holds an open Bible and the other hand is raised aloft pointing up to GOD. If these foundations be destroyed, what can (those who seek truth and justice) the righteous do ?

I. The foundation of LAW,in America, is being eroded by a flood of disorder, lawlessness, and corruption at the highest levels of our government. Jails and prisons are packed full. Courts and the justice system move at a snail's pace and often release habitual criminals on insignificant technicalities. A free press is supposed to expose misfeasance, malfeasance and failed Judges, Senators, Representatives and even Presidents....But our news media has slowly become the apologists and spokesmen for those who caused the rot, the far left wing, liberal, political philosophy, and its judges, elected officials and bureaucrats who have undermined this great nation which our forefathers created, protected and delivered healthy to us.

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin." Samuel Adams

II. The foundation of MORALITY is under attack by a revolution of immorality, pornography, drugs, crime, and illicitly spawned "social diseases" ...some of which are incurable and terminal to those infected by them and yet they pass it on to others. Virtue is laughed at and promiscuity is applauded by famous and powerful people in public and on television. Now millions of young minds have picked up on it and pass it on to friends. Many a Mom and Dad have heard it repeated at home but are frustrated and powerless to change the standards of the school from whence came this moral infection.

III. The foundation of FREEDOM is being hammered and chipped away by growing government control of individual rights, property rights, the family and the church. Even the most flaming, left wing, liberal nominees for Supreme Court Justice are chosen, put forward, and more often than not, win approval to serve for LIFE. To read what they have previously written and said, some of them do not even believe in our Constitution but when asked, during hearings, are slippery as eels and even purger themselves with impunity, and are approved anyway.

IV. The foundation of EDUCATION is being undermined by humanism, evolution, defence of homosexuality, gay marriage, a right to abortion...and that at the expense of the tax payer. Mediocrity, like a virus, is spreading nationwide. Little boys can't even wink at a little girl without being charged with a sex crime. If that is so bad, why do they give out condoms, talk so freely of sex, and even allow cursing in the hallways, and students smoking on campus?

V. Because of the above deviations from Truth, God's Bible, and those foundational principles upon which our forefathers laid the first bricks of this great nation, it is no wonder that our nations "FAITH" is weak and failing and churches are involved in just about everything from clowns, sales, rock bands, non-Christian speakers, seven eleven songs (7 words repeated 11 times). But worst of all, teaching dozens of worldly subjects about everything except Holy Scripture.

That marvelous granite representation of our country no longer resembles our national character but it isn't the fault of our United States Constitution and America the Beautiful or the average hard working, tax paying, believing citizen. I, like most Americans, love our country. I love her origin and our forefathers' flight for freedom from tyrants in Europe. I love the pilgrims who first built a church in Jamestown 400 years ago. I love our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. I love America's history from Columbus, who "sailed the ocean blue" to Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death" to Nathan Hale who regretted that he had "but one life to give" for his country. I love the holy cause of freedom behind the wars we have fought and every life sacrificed for the land of the free and home of the brave.

I love America ! I love her motto, "In God We Trust", The Boy Scout pledge, "On my honor I will do my best...." I love her songs..."The Star Spangled Banner", "Faith of Our Fathers", and "America The Beautiful".

I love America ! I love her people and her God....and yes, America does have a God. Our forefathers came here to worship Him and He is still here whether you recognize it or not. It was America's God who blessed and blessed and blessed us....until, like spoiled children, we ceased to be thankful.

We took our country, our freedom and our God for granted and the foundations began to crumble; and now, we must face the consequences or else restore those foundations. Let every honest American ask himself, or herself, a FOURTH OF JULY question...."If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" God's answer is found in 2 Chron.7:14. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." There is our road to Revival and restoration. See link below or Google it.


Pass It On. RB

Jun 29, 2010

Fantasy Competes With Reality and Corrupts

Common Sense Commentary: "Be not deceived: God is mot mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap". Ga.6:7. "For they have sown to the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind ...."Hosea 8:7

Here is a spoof "look in" on a not uncommon couple. They never learned anything, growing up, about frugality, saving, and making do instead of always splurging for new stuff. They are Joe Blewit and his live in girlfriend, Ida Fritteraway. Joe and Ida have two kids together, Diddle and Dally, a boy and a girl. Their home, bought seven years ago, in the good old days, when they chose to finance it with a five year "interest only" loan payment plan, cost $250,000 with nothing down. Now, after the housing crash, they "Just can't understand it" that they owe more on it than it is worth and haven't been able to sell it for what they owe. They have two late model cars in the three car garage with every foot of floor and wall space stacked with "stuff". Inside the house there are narrow isles winding through the house between the crammed full rooms of new furniture, new clothes, half full soft drink cans and what appears to be a toy store in storage. Joe has two sets of golf clubs and a boat he bought last year to help him relax but only golfs three times a week because of the $100 green fees and hasn't fished yet this year. Ida has the best of appliances and every kind of kitchen/cooking convenience and the cabinet's are full. All that stuff is seldom used, though, because they eat dry cereal for breakfast, lunch down town and dinner at a different restaurant each evening. They vacation twice a year and at Christmas. In a word, they are all intemperate, squandering, spendthrifts. They are all world class, champion, consumers. Joe and Ida learned "professional" consumption from their parents, and an uncle they have in common. Their uncle was Ida's mother's half brother and Joe's father's 25% brother. Uncle Sam had lived in sumptuous luxury beyond his means since he was two. He retired early at 38 on a generous government pension, beyond his worth by any measurement. Joe and Ida tried to save a few dollars one time, but Ida says, laughingly, "It was like trying to save water with a sieve...ha ha ha." Naturally, they got behind, way way behind, on their bills with six credit cards maxed out. The banksters said, "Are you kidding". GMAC wrote back, "No Way Jose" and sent those weird reposessers of cars, on TV, out last Saturday. Countrywide was more cooperative. They said soothingly, we are going to make you a deal you cannot refuse", a deal that would lower their monthly payments 15 cents over the next 30 years. That night, Joe was looking bleary eyed at three bushels of bills about 3:00am with a six pack of emptys, when he either dreamed it or really heard a familiar voice saying, "Buy a goose Joe"....to which he answered with a whine..."Whyyy?" The voice (Uncle Sam ?) whispered..."Golden eggs, Joey Boy, golden eggs"...and then the voice laughed uproariously as it moved off into the night. Joe didn't know if it was a dream or a sign from above...but he bought a goose online right then...just in case...maybe. Eating his cereal crumbs the next morning, Joe remembered a friend who had confided in him, "I come home from Vegas every week-end with a bag full of winnings." Desperate to relieve his financial dilemma, as a last "Resort" Joe was on the noon flight to Fun City Las Vegas with $500 borrowed secretly from his loving, but not too bright, Momma and left the travel agent with a hot check...which he would pay back with his winnings. Joe hummed and whistled that old Hymn "Luck Be A Lady" and prayed, to Lady Luck, all the way to Vegas, to fill his two empty bags with cash. Four hours later, another loser, his welfare check blown, gave Joe a ride back home in his new Lexus. They shared several joints of weed and cussed Lady Luck and Sin City all the way home between stops for a beer. Meanwhile, Ida would rush home each day to check the mail box ....expecting to find a very large check from a long lost uncle...or aunt....or maybe from someone else's long lost uncle....or aunt...or someone...anyone...Maybe her real daddy or the IRS....or a giant refund check from somebody...anybody... Slumped down in her "lazy boy", holding two hands full of fresh bills, Ida heard Diddle and Dally whining....in harmony, "Momma, we're tired of these old toys". Yes, fantasy competes with reality and corrupts... Pass It On. RB

Jun 27, 2010

The Price Of Fame

Common Sense Commentary: I pastored for 36 years and preached or taught well over 10,000 sermons, lessons, speeches and had several million conversations in that time.
Of course, it is expected there would be misunderstandings, misquotes, and bad memories among those tens of thousands of people. However, to quote someone in the opposite to their meaning, or misquote intentionally,or make up a quote is "perversion" of the truth. I wrote this poem ten years after retirement.

The Price Of Earthly Fame

A belated cost of one's person fame
Of a well known and honorable name
Left behind in some distant place and day
Is a painful price to pay in a perverted way.

When you have gone on and time has passed
The bill plus interest is demanded at last
When former friends or others you knew
Use your name to prove their own point of view.

They quote your words like holy writ
To prove their point with tears and wit
They swear you said it, they heard you state it
Tho you never thought it but in fact you hate it.

For earthly fame of wealth and power
It may not taint their famous hour
But for the man who delivers God's Word
Quote him evil is by God's ear heard.

How ironic it is.... this price of fame
You see, fate and time know but one great name
And grind to dust all else but His
Who made the worlds, Who was and IS. RB
Pass It On.

Jun 25, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Common Sense Commentary: How to decide... when so much depends upon you making the right, best decision... but friends and family all have different opinions... and a flood of information flows in all different directions. Is there a river in there somewhere? Do your Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, children, relatives, neighbors, friends really have an inside track to God's Will for YOU...when they nearly all give different advice ? Not unless you live in their house or they support you financially. Of course,your spouse should always have input in family matters of importance, and children heard...without a vote; but unless you are not still living with "Momma", nobody else need be consulted unless you want outside advice or it involves them. God did not make the home a "democracy". Parents are in charge. If parents cannot make inportant decisions without the children having an equal vote...that home has a doubtful future.

Over the years, people have asked me, "Pastor, how did you know it was God's Will to move to Tallahassee to start a church, or those three Christian Schools, a rescue mission, Tallahassee's Food Bank, Lighthouse Children's Home, the T.V. station, etc etc ? How did I know God's Will ? I didn't always know for sure. I made most decisions based on what my Heavenly Father had taught me already...while raising me and through His letters to me, His Word, the Bible. For many years, when faced with a very difficult but important decision, I have tried to use the following method.

1. First, I pray about it and then think and listen. If no clear answer comes to mind overnight, I resort to step two.

2. I search God's Word to see if He has already spoken to the subject which I have somehow missed after years of Bible study. If God's Word says "DO THIS", I don't need to pray more or seek more information, I just need to obey God's Word and "DO THAT". If I can't find a clear and definite answer there, I take step three.

3. I read and search out every word of information I can find on the subject...including, consulting the most wise, committed Christians I know and even lawyers, doctors, business people, contractors, or those who have done something similar. Facts, facts, facts. If I still cannot make the decision with clarity, I turn to step four.

4. If a decision absolutely must be made by 10:00am Monday morning, I tell the Lord, "Lord, this is urgent and I must say yea or nay Monday morning at 10:00, so when that moment arrives, I will trust you to give me the decision and I will know at that moment it is your will and I will have your peace about it because I trust you to lead me." When I say yea or nay or sign the document, I know it is God's will because I asked Him in faith and will therefore stick by that decision and spend the rest of my life making it work or else my faith in God failed me...which it does not. Other voices may say I am rash, unwise, dictitorial, hard headed, or stupid...but I trusted God for that answer and I know He gave it to me. If the decision is not so urgent, I rest it with God and fill my mind with Colossians 3:5, "Let the PEACE of GOD RULE in your hearts...." The word, "rule" here, in the Greek, means to reign over, dictate, or 'umpire'. "Let the PEACE of GOD UMPIRE your heart's thoughts and decisions". I simply pray, "Lord, I rest this decision into your hands and I will not make the decision until YOU give me PEACE to do so or until the deadline runs out" as with urgent decisions above. The Holy Spirit, who lives in every True Christian (Rom8:9), does not give "The Peace of God" to believe a falsehood or erroneous decision. Satan will and often does give "false" peace, relief, good feelings, even absolute certainty a lie is the truth to a non Christian and even to an immature Christian who has not developed an active prayer life and Bible study. So, if that is your case, don't be fooled by Satan's tingle up your leg or peaceful feeling or happy thoughts or certainty. Whisky or weed can do that. Pray a lot and study God's Word daily or that sweet, tingly feeling may be the Devil's ugly finger not the Holy Spirit."Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Tim.2:15. Remember, your Heavenly Father is King of Kings and you are His Daughter or Son, Princess or Prince. He has Fathered you through the second birth by faith in Christ, and He has taught you His Will, His Word, and His Way. If you have grown in grace and are a mature child of God by now, He wants you to make most of your decisions based upon what He has taught you and which you already know that you know. The King is most proud of his children when they have faithfully sought him for wisdom and have listened and learned over the years and have grown in maturity and are capable of making good decisions for daily living without asking their father constantly what to eat or wear every day or for routine decisions. He promised you that His Holy Spirit would "guide you into all truth." John 16:13. As the Sons and Daughters of the King of Kings, you have the "Spirit of Christ in you" (Col.1:27) not way off yonder somewhere and you have the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to decide most decisions based upon what you have already learned in prayer, Bible study, and experience. Honor God, as His grown up child, by living what you know is right, doing what you know is right, thinking what you know is right, and deciding what you know is right. If a clear decision is still not made plain, you have a RIGHT to go to your Heavenly Father, no matter if you are 80 years old like me...and climb up into His lap and ask His advice on big stuff...I do. Praise God, thank you Father and thank you Jesus and Holy Spirit. Rest in Him my dear Bible studying, praying, Jesus loving Brothers and Sisters. Pass It On. RB

Jun 24, 2010

Judas Was A Socialist

Common Sense Commentary: The word Socialist is not in the Bible, but the Socialistic philosophy, actions, greed and mindset are. Judas was, in fact a Socialist. Here is the proof in John 12:3-8.

"Then took Mary a pound of ointment...very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair...Then saith...Judas...who was going to betray Him, Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor? This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and carried what was put therein. Then said Jesus, Let her alone: against the day of my burying hath she kept this. For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always." Get this, "The poor you always have". There is and always will be poor people no matter how prosperous a nation may be. Jesus spoke to their need often.

Anyone who knows anything about Jesus knows that He cared more for the poor than anyone who ever lived on this earth. He Empathized with them constantly. He Loved them, fed them, healed them, defended them and saved them; but very often, He scolded or rebuked the rich..."The love of money is the root of all evil". Jesus and his Apostles didn't even have enough money to pay taxes but he knew God did and did not need or want earthly riches. God's Word, above, says that Judas was a "thief" and "cared not for the poor" but wanted the money of this woman because he 'bare the bag' of the Apostolic Team's few coins. Judas was the Treasurer. His outspokenness, superior attitude, selfishness, greed, and need for CONTROL proves he was not only a "thief" but a Socialist. Here are seven points that prove Judas was a Socialist:

1. Mary's possessions were all hers to decide what was to be done with them.
Socialists are driven to seek power, plan other people's lives and make other people's decisions and they will make ten thousand laws to accomplish control.

2. Mary's "Precious Ointment" was hers to use, to save, or to give away. Her greatest ambition was to sit at Jesus feet as he taught, and be a faithful disciple.
Socialists ambitiously seek high office because they truly believe they know better what producers and owners should do with the fruit of their own labors. Invariably, they want to be the middle man, take their cut (think exorbitant salaries, special insurance for themselves...not ObamaCare...that's for us peasants, and full retirement income after only one term..."Thief") and then give what's left in the "bag" to the non producers to keep their support and votes. Socialists are notoriously minimal givers of their own money but very "liberal" with other people's money. Jesus taught that those who have, should help those who do not have their needs, but to give it cheerfully out of a generous heart not have it robbed from them by politicians.

3. Mary's time, talent and labor earned the money to buy this Precious Gift for Jesus. It was entirely her business, her decision, her RIGHT to give it to Jesus without accusation and intimidation.
Socialists interfere in other people's business and believe in taxing or confiscating what the "Haves" work for so they,the socialists, can take a few huge bites and then give the core to their "Have Not" voters. Yes, they are very liberal with other people's money and rights. Welfare has done far more harm than being poor or rich. Socialistic welfare would have wasted most of the value of the ointment (300 pence)and benefited the "poor" very little because Judas was a thief. Left alone, Mary would have given to the poor with open heart. You know it is true.

4. Mary was not rich but frugal. She did without, skimped, and saved to buy this Precious Ointment. Jesus said, "she kept it... for the day of my burying".
Socialist Politicians motivate the lazy, spendthrifts, wasters, and envious to outvote the producers and savers. They are good community organizers and creators of action groups such as ACORN etc but all of that is a funnel, a net, a hook to take what others have worked for then give it to somebody else. Robbery.

5. Mary's life proves her gentle, kindness toward Jesus and to the poor.
Socialists are driven by their hunger for power. Jesus said Judas did not care for the poor, but wanted control over the money...in the bag like so many politicians. He wanted control over the spending...of other people's money, and like most Socialists, was a "thief"...not a Robin Hood but a crook for his own sake.

6. Mary bowed humbly at Jesus' feet, washed His feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, and anointed them with her Precious Ointment which represented her time, talent, and labor which she gave to earn the money to buy it.
Judas, the Socialist, was proud of his authority and position as Treasurer and was pridefully showing off his superior intelligence and financial genius when, thinking he had an air tight case, openly criticized this lowly woman for waste and Jesus too for allowing it. He truly thought he was 100% right and Jesus was wrong. Typical Liberal, Socialist...he knew exactly what Mary's ointment was worth...300 pence.

7. Mary's love and commitment to Jesus guided her heart to worship and sacrifice for her Savior, the Son of God. Jesus told Judas, "LEAVE HER ALONE".
Judas, "the thief" and Liberal Socialist obviously loved money and control more than he cared for God or His Son Jesus and, as a lost "church member", was driven by his greed to finally betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver...to be crucified. Judas was not only a "thief" and a Socialist and a traitor but, as I have said, a "Liberal". The Prophet Isaiah said, the day is coming when, "The vile person shall be no more be called 'liberal' nor the churl (selfish miser) said to be bountiful." Isa.32:5 KJV. Pass It On. RB

Jun 22, 2010

Should We Be Proud Of Ourselves For Being White?

Common Sense Commentary: There are so many "Proud To Be" groups these days that I thought I should address the subject. God's Word says, "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall". Prov.16:18

I received a "Forward" today entitled, "PROUD TO BE WHITE". Most of what it said was true ....but, should we be proud of ourselves for being white, in reaction to those who say they are proud to be black or brown or whatever ? Should we be proud of ourselves for being tall or beautiful for which we did nothing ? If one paints on the "beauty", that paint isn't really them....though they did do it. So maybe they should be proud of their "masking" talent or "facial artistic" ability... though I doubt they would boast much about that.

I liked the honest, but crude, reasoning of the "Forward" because what it said is mostly true and it exposes a grievous injustice. To clarify myself, I am not proud to be white or ashamed to be white. The fact is, I've never thought of being white in that way. I am what I am. I may be a bit too proud to be me, which exposes my vanity (meaning empty, useless), but if I were black, brown, redish, yellowish, or whatever, I hope I would be content to be me and not proud or ashamed of my color. Should a person be proud of themselves for something they had absolutely nothing to do with ? I might also say, I am not "proud" to be a Christian; that is just who I am. I am extremely thankful to Jesus and God though, and I am certainly not ashamed to be a Christian. I did not earn it or in any way deserve it. I am a sinner saved by grace not personal merit. The word "proud" does not fit there. In my understanding, the word "proud" should be the way we feel about our children or friend or anyone, even ourselves, for doing something very well.... if we don't boast about me me me me. I am not exempt from boasting...I must confess I am proud to be a Texan, which I did not earn and proud to be a Marine which I did. But that is not to be compared to my salvation for which Christ died and God gave me freely. We have all known someone who is always bragging on themselves and how great they are. Doesn't it make you a little nauseous ? And yes, I know some Christians act morally superior and somewhat exalted above all "those sinners" and often everyone else....but Jesus had no such attitude. The more vain pride in a person, the less humility and the less humility, the more vain pride. Vain pride is unbecoming of anyone but especially in we Christians. Humility is always found in deeply spiritual Christians. Spirituality and vain pride do not live in the same heart. "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy he saves us, by the washing of regeneration...." Titus 3:5. Also Eph.2:8-9 "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of (our) works lest any man should boast".

Here is the complaint of the "Forward" writer and many whites: There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans and Americans. If you call me "White Boy" or "Cracker" or "Honky" or "Whitie" or "Ghost"....that's OK. But when I call you "Black Boy" or "shadow", you call me a racist. You have the United Negro College Fund and Black History Month but why not a United Caucasian College Fund or a White History Month ? It's racist. You have the NAACP...try NAAWP. Never happen...it's racist. You have BET... Black Entertainment Television...but if whites had a WET...White entertainment Television, they are racists. If whites had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists. If we had a White History Month, we'd be racists. In our U.S. Congress there is a "Black Caucus exclusive to black Congressmen". Starting a "White Caucus" in Congress would cause a Civil War. There is a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and a just plain Chamber of Commerce for everyone...but a "White Chamber of Commerce" would destroy everyone involved in it. A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America Pageant. Try a Miss White America....racist. A White College or Scholarship Fund ....racist, but there are over sixty openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the U.S. but not one 'White' College. The Million Man March was for Black Race Rights. A march for White Race Rights is racist. It is, in fact, a double standard and it is time for it to cease. Let every American be judged on the basis of content of character not color. Its time has come. Pass It On. RB

Jun 21, 2010

Why Does God Let Good People Suffer ?

Common Sense Commentary: Why does God let innocent children and good people suffer ?

I conducted a funeral yesterday for a medical doctor who was in his fifties. He was our neighbor. Doctor Roy's life was dedicated to healing sick people but he, himself, had a long list of illnesses. I think he had more incidents of long term illnesses befall him and in the greatest variety, in the shortest time period (six years since I've known him) than anyone I've ever met.

I've conducted hundreds of funerals in the past fifty five years and the questions most often asked by loved ones and also by others, unrelated to funerals, is this: "Why does God let little children suffer and die?" or "Why doesn't God spare Christians and good people tragedy, sickness and early death?" or "Why does it seem that Christians suffer as much or more than the non-Christian"? I have also heard a good many say, "That person must have done something terrible or had secret sins for God to make them suffer so". The Biblical fact is that accrediting great sin to great suffering in this life is contrary to Scripture. Consider the magnitude of Job's suffering. God said Job was a strong believer, upright, reverenced God, hated evil and was the "greatest" of men. Job 1. But, Job's sufferings are reckoned to this day as a world record for pain, loss, and discouragement. His story would not even be in the Bible without the suffering he endured. Even Jesus' disciples were in error as they ..."passed by...a man...blind from his birth". "And His disciples asked Him, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?" It was a commonly thought religious conviction in their culture that sin had to be involved with suffering. Their question, like so many of ours, was a contradiction on it's face. If the man was "born blind", how could it be his sin that caused it ? Jesus answered that it was neither his nor his parent's sin that caused the blindness, but that God's power to heal might be seen in him. John 9:1-3. On another occasion, in Luke 13:1-5, a crowd of people were discussing how Governor Pilate had slaughtered some Galileans. Someone must have insinuated that those murdered must have had a serious sin problem for that to happen to them. Jesus asked them if they thought those who suffered so were "sinners above all", because they suffered such things ? Then He reminded them of eighteen others upon whom a tower had fallen, recently, and killed them. "...think ye that they were sinners above all men"? Jesus answered His own question, "Nae" or "No". "But, except you repent, you shall all...perish". Almost all of God's prophets in the Old Testament suffered a great deal and His Apostles in the New Testament suffered a life of persecution and were then martyred. Does that suggest they were very sinful ? Of course not !

Jesus also said that, our "Father... in heaven... makes His sun to shine on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust". Both good and bad touch all of our lives. For the "unjust", it serves to motivate them to consider their sins and turn to God in repentance for forgiveness. But, for the "just" (Acceptors of Christ) it serves to revive their faith, repentance, or to draw them even closer to our Lord or, as with the blind man, for God's purposes or Glory. Also, God does hear and answer the believer's prayers for healing...when it is within His will.

The good news is that, as Apostle Paul said, "...The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us". Rom.8:18. The true Christian's suffering is but for "a short time" in this world of conflict and sin. Not so for those who have not accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Their sufferings are...eternally... separated from God. Jesus died in your place, for your sins and mine. Write me if I can tell you more. Pass It On. RB

Jun 16, 2010

For Heaven's Sake, What On Earth Is Happening ?

Common Sense Commentary: How could all these things happen to this world at the same time ?

On top of everything else...now it's an uncontrollable oil gusher in the Gulf. The apparent fact is, that this is simply the latest in a long and lengthening list of global catastrophes which appear to be forming up into a world-wide calamity of Biblical proportions. If so, every aspect of all of our lives will be affected. This "perfect storm" of an almost unbelievable flood of bad news includes world-wide financial, energy, food, water, utilities, political, law enforcement, home security, travel, employment, health, retirement....You name it and it is being affected. In fact, it is so innumerable in its volume, extensive in its variety, all inclusive geographically, and has developed in such a short time that it cannot be written off as simply coincidental. That is like surmising that all those plagues on Egypt, which fell upon the land one after the other, over a few days time, were coincidental...and had no intelligent power behind them....and I don't mean human. God sent those plagues upon Egypt because of their out of control sins and treatment of God's people. The same God is looking down upon the world today, as He did then. Are we better than they ? "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh." Lk.21:28.

Luke 21:28. Pass it on. RB

Jun 15, 2010

Law, Lawmen, Military, Capital Punishment

Common Sense Commentary: this is fulfillment of the promise I made at the end of my Blog, "Diabolical Contradiction".

If the capital punishment issue were simply an issue of what the Bible says about it, the argument would be settled. Many "religious" people oppose it, but no Bible Scholar I know would deny it is taught in the Word of God in both Old and New Testament.

The original premise of law and human government was commanded by God in Gen.9:5-6 "And surely your blood of your lives will I require...at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man." "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made he man." Here, God made all men (society) responsible for the life of every man. God not only instituted and authorized government responsibility for the safety of individual human lives, He commanded that if a member of society murders another member of society, the murderer is to be executed by society. God's reason is clear..."for in the image of God made he man." Murder is an indirect attack upon man's Creator...God Himself. This early, First Commandment, given unto the entire human race, the eight survivors of the global flood...Noah and his family, as a covenant between God and the human race was in effect from that time forward to the end of the world. This was and is the foundation of all civil law. It was given centuries before the ten commandments and law as given to Moses and Israel which were based of that one Civil law given to Noah.

It was hundreds of years later when God wrote with His own finger upon the tablets of stone, the sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." EX.20:13. The Hebrew word here is "ratsack" and means "murder". When Jesus quoted this verse fifteen hundred years later, He said, "Thou shalt do no murder." Matt.19:18. Additional proof of this meaning is abundant in the very next chapter of Exodus where God's law continues to command what shall happen to the person who breaks that commandment and does murder someone. "He that smiteth a man so that he die, shall be surely put to death (executed)". Ex.21:12. In Ex.20 God commands "Thou shalt not murder" and then, immediately, commands society in EX.21 to execute (different word) murderers. It is all too obvious that the sixth commandment "not to murder" does not negate God's command in the following chapter to "Execute murderers" nor does it negate Gen.9:6 given to Noah. However, no individual has the right to "take the law into his own hands" and execute someone. Execution is authorized strictly to Civil Governments.

In the New Testament when Jesus taught us to "turn the other cheek" Lk.6:29, he was not speaking of "murder" and he was not speaking to Civil Governments but to His "disciples" and intended it to keep harmony in His church. Self defence is something else altogether. Jesus made that clear, "Then said He (Jesus) unto them (disciples),... he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one". Lk.22:36. It sounds to me like He authorized all of them to carry a sword. One ax would have cut all the wood they needed. A sword was for self defence or at least to scare away those who would harm them. Simon Peter was carrying his when Judas betrayed Jesus to the Pharisee's in the garden. Jesus had to know that Peter had it but had not rebuked him for carrying it. When hot tempered Peter drew it and chopped off one of their ears...he was probably aiming at the man's head unless he was an exceptional swordsman. Jesus told Peter to return it to the sheath and explained, "...the cup which my father hath given me, shall I not drink it." He had already told them he would be crucified and was sent by God for that purpose...to die in our place for our sins. Peter was trying to prevent that, but it was God's will. Never fight against God's will...you will lose. Jesus also told Peter that we should not "live" by the sword.

God later makes it plain to anyone who will accept His Word that we are to obey these laws or suffer the consequences of the law. "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.... For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil....But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain; for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil....For this cause you pay taxes...." Rom.13:1-6. Human, Civil Government was intended to be an instrument of God to prevent evil and protect us all. The "sword" is necessary to "execute wrath". Without it the law has no teeth. Where there is no self discipline, there must be Civil discipline or else evil is unafraid, unrestrained and out of control. There is no perfect Civil Government. Often they are themselves evil and oppressive but the worst of Governments are probably better than total anarchy where there is no law at all and no one is protected from evil men. Imagine a city without law, no police, no traffic control, no jails, judges or schools. In such a city, there soon wouldn't be any open stores, electricity, or water...but a jungle of carnivores and victims. Our American Constitution is based upon the Laws of God and is what made this country great. Over the years, we have allowed judges and politicians to pervert and even mock our constitutional law and the result is obvious. We also have a God given right and duty to stand against and unseat such politicians and judges. You can call it "Self Defence" or restoration of Law. PASS IT ON. RB

Jun 13, 2010

All Alone And On Your Own ?

Common Sense Commentary: When we have tried everything else seeking peace and contentment...and failed to find either, there is a hope...Look up. Col.3:2 "Set your affections on things above , not on things on the earth". Without Christ, Loneliness is eternal.

All Alone

Though we share this planet with millions of others
And have a host of friends, family,sisters, and brothers,
There comes a time when we feel alone...all alone,
Isolated, separated, unloved and solely on our own.

And if the final truth of every saint and sinful slave
Is that, at the end, no one on earth has power to save.
Neither doctor, pastor, loved ones nor friends so true
Can give you peace...when God sends death for you.

But if it were not so in our lonely, fleshly, human state
We would seek peace from this world and thus seal our fate
To a self-centered end without purpose, hope, peace or love
And never see Jesus or "set our affection on things above".

Isn't it time to hear God's Word and hear it well ?
For there is a peace filled hope of which I shall tell.
God has promised it true and always keeps His Word,
That Jesus Christ is our HOPE...sweetest name ever heard.

He had no sins of His own and yet He died for ours,
And delivers us from sin's stain and evil powers.
We are forgiven and washed in His cleansing tide,
To accept Him or deny Him is yours to decide.

I Have Come To Terms With Life

Common Sense Commentary: At nearly eighty years old, I have come to terms with life.

I have come to terms with life. If I cannot avoid trouble by wisdom, courage, or prayer, I will accept whatever God lets life do to me, as I would accept the rainstorm, cold, heat and winds of nature. I will accept the difficult and natural elements of life knowing these things cannot happen without God's knowledge and permission. I will fight error, injustice, and sin until I die, but I will not kill myself worrying with things I cannot change.

I have come to terms with life. The life I call mine is not my own but was bought by Jesus Christ, on the cross, and belongs totally to Him whether I remember it or not. My life is hidden in Christ. He lives in me. The life which I now live, I live by the faith of Christ. If Providence hurts me, it is because I have forgotten that my life is His. Providence cannot hurt the God of Providence.

I have come to terms with life. I will not take the path of least resistance but by God's grace I shall flow with the river of life instead of constantly trying to row my boat upstream. I will use the oars to avoid stumps, limbs, and rapids, but will realize the current is carrying me in God's will and I will try to stay in the middle of it. I will simply be sure I am on the right river and I will rest my soul and mind into the hands of Him to whom they belong and enjoy the trip.

I have come to terms with life. I will do my best in life....or try to....or try to try to, but I will live it by faith in Him. I have come to terms with God and I made all the concessions. PASS IT ON. RB

Jun 11, 2010

An Infinite Paradox

Common Sense Commentary: Webster says, a "paradox" is...."An assertion or sentiment seemingly contradictory, or opposed to COMMON SENSE, but that yet may be TRUE in fact".

One of the most difficult propositions for the human brain to comprehend is that outer space is infinite. An even more difficult proposal to comprehend is that it is not.

Similarly, on a much grander scale, is the contrasting thought/theory of a Theist and an Atheist....to whit: The SECOND most astounding, humanly incomprehensible, implausible assertion is that, "There IS a universal, almighty, Creator God". Whereas, the FIRST most astounding, incomprehensible, implausible assertion is that, "There IS NOT such a God". This being the greater and true conclusion, it then becomes unthinkable that such a Creator God would not give us some kind of divine revelation of Himself and of ourselves such as, Who He is, How we got here, Why are we here, What His plan is, and Where are we going. If that "revelation" is not the Holy Bible....then what is it ?

God, being real, Jesus being His son and our Savior, and the Bible being His Word to us, my goal has long been to invest my energy and resources in the "Strait Gate and Narrow Way to Life" at its most strategic intersection with the "Broad Way to Destruction" to hold open that gate with a big sign that says, "JESUS IS THE WAY".

Pass it on. RB

Jun 10, 2010

From Innocence Of Childhood To Witch Woman

Common Sense Commentary: The Importance Of Dealing With Faults & Sins Early

Everything on earth is imperfect....people, husbands, wives, children, cars, homes, jobs, employees, bosses, friends, churches, ourselves, everything. Many people never learn to accept imperfection and continue to switch jobs, houses,cars, churches and sometimes spouses regularly and then are also constantly disappointed in themselves and almost everyone and everything else. Since we cannot switch ourselves, some grow weary and develope a blindness to their own faults and sins (hardness of heart). Others of us spend a life-time trying to be perfect....but never reach that impossible goal and therefore spend a miserable life agravated with themselves and everybody else. A very important distinction is the eternal difference between imperfect faults and sins which can only be forgiven by God Himself.....even if those who love us overlook our sins or forgive the effects of our sins upon themselves. I think the lesson here is to be very very sensitive about sin but when we sincerely repent and ask God's forgiveness through Christ, and He forgives, to then forgive ourselves and ask those we have offended to forgive us. Also to love the souls of those who sin against us and be quick to forgive them when they ask and not expect them to ask again and again and again. No one is required to ask forgiveness but once and then the sin is gone. Jesus said, "forgive seventy times seven" but we must only repent once for a sin. One more lesson is to change what we can change about ourselves (faults, habits, attitudes, actions, thoughts, words) and learn to live with things which we cannot change (human nature, face, stature, hair color, family, the faults of others, and the world itself). Faults are not necessarily sin; but sin is certainly a fault and worse still. It is a violation of God's Word and no matter how small it may seem, must be dealt with. Of course, faults need to be dealt with as well. The primary need for dealing with both sin and faults early, while we are young is not simply to "win friends and influence people". The most important reason is that, allowed to remain in our lives, faults and sin tend to grow right along with us. They start small, feed upon our lust and pride, grow larger, develope roots, increase their hold upon us then control us, and finally destroy us. Through the progression of years they may be "secret" sins known only to a few but eventually everybody knows it. The older we...and our sins and faults become, the more outwardly evident they become. Old age is no longer able to hide them. Case in point: The ninty year old witch, woman reporter who, this week blurted out, "The Jews need to get the hell out of Palistine and go back to Germany or Poland". She successfully hid her hatred of Jews for many years. Though she did not say it, her hatred for Jews...and Christians too, I understand, was clearly seen on her face and getting steadly more visible for a long long time. The Bible says there is a time when sin is so indelibly burned into a person that their "conscience is seared over as with a hot Iron". 1 Tim.4:1-2. Please read all of these verses: Prov.29:1 "without remedy", Rom.2:5 "Hard Heartedness", 2 Tim.4:3-4 "Turning from Truth", Heb.3:12-14 "Stand firm", Acts 28:27 "Unconfessed Sin", John 1:8-10 "Sin Forgiven", Rev.16:11 "Final result of unrepented sin". PASS IT ON. RB

Jun 8, 2010

Does Anyone Remember The True America ?

Common Sense Commentary: Dennis Prager Speaks For Me on America

Here is an absolutely essential video of Dennis Prager, a Jewish, American Patriot who is, in my opinion, one of the best spokesmen for freedom, private enterprise, and conservative, Constitutional government....in all of America. Don't miss it. RB


Change is a certainty. All change has just two options, better or worse, up or down, good or bad. It was "change" which destroyed each and every world empire ever to exist .... and now the American Empire is going the way of Babel and of Rome ... down, very bad, much worse.

Rich Man, Poor Man, Begger Man, Thief

Common Sense Commentary: Violation of Oath, Betrayal of Trust

I can keep clean in a river, pond or stream
or from a helmet, a cup, or canteen.........

On grasshoppers, grubs, roots and mice
with acorns and berries I can do real nice...

I can live in a shack, foxhole or teepee
or under a bridge, cardboard or tree.........

Without doctor, lawyer, merchant or chief

See U.S. (us) Debt Chart at bottom right corner.
Liability to each and every Citizen including
Chrildren but not illegal aliens is $352,330...
and counting. http://www.usdebtclock.org/

Pass it on...RB

Jun 6, 2010

Knowledge, Wisdom and Inspiration

Common Sense Commentary: "The Good, The Better, The Best"

Though King Solomon certainly had his faults, the Bible indicates that he was also the wisest man who had ever lived. He had vast riches, great power and world wide fame. Wise and experienced, his most notable conclusion was that all of that and all other worldly accomplishments are empty, useless, vanity. Having experienced everything desired by human flesh, and found it worthless to his soul, he opened his mind to spiritually focus upon the ultimate truth and declared that, "The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and knowledge of the holy is understanding". Proverbs 9:10. His father, King David, had come to the same reality in Psalms 111:10. God's Apostle to the Gentiles said in Rom.11:33 "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God". Read also Prov.2:5,Col.1:10, 2Pet.1:2. Knowledge is GOOD but...

Wisdom is BETTER. Wisdom is the proper use of knowledge. Not every highly educated, supremely intelligent person is wise. When we hear the "holy" truths of God and accept them into our knowledge, we begin to understand those spiritual principles which cannot otherwise be understood and "fear (reverence) of the Lord" and Wisdom begin in the life of such a person. James said in 1:5, "If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God...." There is a wisdom of men seen in 1Cor.2:5 and a far different wisdom of God in Lk.2:40&52, 1Cor.1:30, 1Cor.2:7, Eph.1:17, Col.1:9. Wisdom is BETTER than Knowledge...but Inspiration is BEST of all.
Godly Inspiration is imparted only unto the true Christian. It requires an obedient walk with God. It comes only to the wise believer and only from God Himself. "Inspire" means "to breath into or to infill" as in Acts 2:2.
To "inspire" is opposite to "expire". To be filled with the presence of God is "enthusiasm" which is from "entheos" or "God in you". "Christ in you is the hope of glory". Col.1:27. After Jesus had paid for our sins on the cross, He arose from the dead and ascended briefly into heaven to the Mercy Seat Altar of God, there to present Himself as the sacrificial Lamb of God without spot or blemish in fulfillment of all the Old Testament blood sacrifices. His redemption work then finished, He returned to earth (Jn.20:17-22) and commissioned His church to carry this Gospel to all the world. His disciples lacked just one thing....the power to carry out that humanly impossible commission, especially in that age. The New Testament was unavailable, having not yet been canonized (put together) and they did not know all the world's languages. This, Jesus immediately provided; EVERY true Believer was filled with the necessary power. "They were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit of God" and were then miraculously able to speak and be understood by every language. Conveniently, God had gathered foreign Jews to Jerusalem from every nation in the known world for the Passover Celebration. They would return home with the gospel message. When the New Testament was finally canonized, that miraculous gift of speaking in an unknown, universal language was "done away" with. See 1Cor.13:8-10. Every Christian, since Pentecost, is given God's Holy Spirit at the moment of Salvation. "If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His". Rom.8:9. We have a holy calling, an eternal job to do. a clear commission and the power to fulfill it. Let us be about God's work....

Pass it on. RB

Jun 4, 2010

Diabolical Contradiction

Common Sense Commentary: Diabolical Contradiction

Our country has deteriorated rapidly into a darkening pit of diabolical contradiction described by God's prophet Isaiah. Isa.5:20. "Woe (grief/misery) unto them that call evil good and good evil". Some will argue, "By whose word or standard
are we to judge what is evil"? The prophet's answer follows in v.24 "...they have cast away the law of the Lord...and despised (His) word...." God's Word and Law clearly establish what is good and what is evil.

Diabolical Contradiction is not some new phenomenon but dates back to Lucifer, an archangel in God's heaven, who, surrounded by all that is good and holy and perfect, nevertheless, sinned by rebelling against Jehovah God. It continued in earth with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and throughout the Old Testament into the New Testament. King Herod murdered a whole generation of baby boys in an attempt to destroy the baby Jesus. He "called evil good and good evil". This immoral, diabolical doctrine of Lucifer is what set aflame the mob of religionists in Matt.27:11-25 when Gov. Pilate gave them the choice of setting free Jesus the innocent Savior or Barabbas the guilty terrorist. The religious mob cried out "Release Barabbas and crucify Jesus". "Kill the innocent and spare the guilty"!

Similarly, in our own country, today, we see a huge number of Americans firmly embracing a long list of Lucifer's Diabolical Contradictions such as "Abort the innocent from life and spare the convicted, guilty from the death penalty". "Mock and intimidate the virgin and glorify promiscuity". Persecute the Christian and "permit" the Muslim". "Idolize immoral Stars and criticize the moral standards of others". "Tax the hard working producers and give abundantly to the lazy freeloaders". The consequences are still the same, "Woe unto them"......

God's prophet said the time would come when, "The vile person shall be no more be called liberal". Isa.32:5 KJV.

Pass it on. RB

Jun 3, 2010

Scriptural Forgiveness

Common Sense Commentary:

When we have been sinned against, there are three possible responses toward the offending person.

1. Forgive them, unconditionally, whether they ask forgiveness or not, whether they repent or not.
2. Refuse to forgive them whether they ask forgiveness or not.
3. Forgive if and when they ask forgiveness.

Jesus taught us both the blessings of repentance and the blessings of forgiveness toward others. Eph.4:32 "....forgive one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you". But, upon what basis does "God for Christ's sake forgive" us? In Luke 13:3 Jesus said "Except ye repent, ye shall...perish". He uses the same standard of "repentance" before "forgiveness" in our relationships with other people in Luke 17:3-4 "....if he repent, forgive him". If the offender does not repent, there is no grounds for forgiveness either on our part or on God's part. Unforgiveness does not suggest carrying a grudge against the person. As God does not carry grudges against the unrepentant, neither should we. The proper attitude of a Christian in such a case is to be in between forgiveness and unforgiveness which is to say, in a state of deferential acquiescence to God's Will. In other words, let God deal with it. But we must stand ready to forgive upon repentance. Matt.6:12-15. It is always right to treat everyone kindly. This does not negate the equally important necessity of law enforcement, military protection and self defence; all of which are allowed when circumstances demand it. I will cover that at another time....

Pass it on. RB

Jun 1, 2010

Time and Pain Uncover Who You Are

Common Sense Commentary:

A high quality of character training
may not show up well in youth.
But if, in fact, a good foundation
was laid in youth's childhood....
Decency, honesty, faith and humility
will arise in time and flourish
as the person well trained in childhood
struggles through a life of pain.
"Tribulation Worketh" ! Romans 5:3-5
Hardship uncovers the real person.
"Train up a child in THE WAY he should go:
and WHEN HE IS OLD, he will not depart
from it". Prov.22:6....

Pass it on. RB