Apr 11, 2016

Cashless Society To Stop Criminality? A Contradiction Worthy Liberals

Common Sense Commentary: Food for the vultures is poison for the sheep. One man's lust is another man's nausea. The Dictator's hope is the peasant's horror. The peasants hope is the Dictator's horror. What one woman aspires to another woman dreads. What a Socialist sees as justice the producer sees as criminal.
The only rule book which supersedes all others and realigns human, human contradictions with the Creator and God of Truth ... is the Bible. RB

Dr Marc Faber was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He went to school in Geneva and Zurich. He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a PhD in Economics magna cum laude. He has been known as "The Cash Prophet", in Germany, for 50 years. His bio is too long to print but he is publisher of The Gloom, Boom And Doom Report. Here is his view of the impossible impracticality of a cashless society. Though it will be done. RB

Marc Fabor:
”Let’s say you and I live in a small town of a thousand people and suddenly the government says, “No more cash.” Say, I’m the baker and you’re the butcher, and a friend of ours is the pharmacist. We can then barter among each other and effect the balances every month or every 3 months and so forth. Then, some kind of paper money comes back up in the form of vouchers. So the war on cash would have the exact opposite effect as intended. You will have a voucher system in every small city, and even in big cities, some smart people will develop the voucher system.
So instead of having just one currency, paper currency, you’ll have hundreds of paper currencies. Number two; if they want to really launch a cashless society, they would have to take your gold and silver away. That, in some countries, will simply not fly. In other countries, a cashless society is simply not practical because 80% of the population doesn’t have a bank account and doesn’t have cash to start with. So in my view, this cashless business is going to fail very badly. The argument is, of course, “Oh, we want to move into a cashless society because we want to prevent criminality.” This is all nonsense. They want to move into a cashless society so they can control you and tax you” Marc Faber
My Comment:
So will our government and most of the rest of the governments of the world try it? Of course they will. Just as they have tried over and over again by creating money out of thin air expecting it to result in a booming economy. Just as they have dished out free money to half the population expecting them to spend, spend, spend so as to stimulate our nation, encourage everyone to get a job, hold down inflation and make everyone equally rich. Just as they legalized the aborting of half the nations babies, for the past 43 years, and now are trying to import enough foreign immigrants to become taxpayers in place of those aborted babies. But half those immigrants don't pay taxes, they consume them. Just as they have adjusted our laws in favor of the guilty as opposed to the innocent and filled our prisons with jobless drug addicts who had nothing else to do but smoke it, inject it, sell it to others, hate themselves, and hate you and everyone else. I could go on with this list of stupid, evil economic and immoral government idiocy for days, but I will let you finish it. Just don't use any cuss words til you can get out to the barn. RB

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