Apr 27, 2015

Dear Mugger, Home Invader, Rapist And Killer

Common Sense Commentary: As best I can, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
The Bible teaches Christians ...   "If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men." Romans 12:18. And, yes, "it lieth in me" to "live peaceably with all of you criminals and evil doers" .... but judging by your actions, you have no such desire to live peaceably with most people even as most of your ilk did not desire to live peaceably with Jesus when He passed their way. That must be the reason He told His disciples in Luke 22:36, "...He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." You see, He knew the intentions of your ilk  and kin before any of you had time to commit the crime and prepared his disciples to deal with those of you who cared not to live peaceably with others. So, on reading the command of Jesus to sell a "garment" and buy protection, I obeyed. Actually I had too many garments so it was no inconvenience for me. In fact I already had the required amount of money to do as He had commanded.  Now, keep in mind that since Jesus told his followers to buy a weapon .... he must also have expected us to use it in a serious emergency such as you armed, wayward souls are inclined to create as a way of livelihood. 

So, I write this note to you today to let you know I care about your eternal destiny, your right to "pursue happiness" and your loved ones and I am willing at any time of the day or night to read the Scriptures to you and pray for your soul or other needs. I will even give you food or limited amounts of money, if it is my idea. However, if that does not interest you and you prefer to attack me, my wife, a child, or other innocent people in the vicinity of where I happen to be, I want to give you this advice..... Even though I look very old, bent, white haired and feeble ... I am not a helpless victim... But since I can no longer run, have trouble even walking, and I can no longer fight... If you do those evil things I mention above ... and do not want to pray with me about your soul, I will just have to shoot you until you are "peaceable".  Your Friend, Rayburn Blair (An old, but well trained Marine).

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Ron Blair said...

Gospel....thru and thru