Apr 5, 2015

Meet My Old Friend Joe Hewitt ... Preacher, Author, Poet And Exceptional Man

Common Sense Commentary:A lifetime friend, since my late 20's, Joe Hewitt, has had numerous job descriptions. When I was a recent graduate of seminary, and pastoring my first of two pastorates, Joe joined that church. He had been a newspaper reporter, editor of a newspaper, and was then owner of a print shop. Joe surrendered to preach, went to the same seminary as I had, and later became a pastor himself. Since then he has authored numerous books, is a Mediator of the Dallas County Court and served in many other capacities. Joe was raised a Jehovah's Witness and is an expert on that subject. You can google his name, Joe B, Hewitt or find his most notable book entitled "Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower" on Amazon Books.  Joe is also a prolific writer of other forms of literature and commentary. Here is a recent short poem by Joe followed by his definition of a Liberal  and his view of ObamaCare.....

Poem: Co-Pilot murders 150...

Hell of a Place to Wake Up

Andreas Lubitz had a craving for fame,

His job was important, co-pilot of a plane.

Locked in the cockpit he took a dive.

Leaving none of the 150 alive.

His victims screamed as the plane fell,

Then Andreas Lubitz awoke in Hell.
                        ---Joe B. Hewitt

Joe on Liberals....
What is a Liberal?

The tight control the government and convention have on us to keep us from hurting ourselves is the results of political and cultural liberalism.

Liberals, some well-meaning, and caring, and others lusting for power, do not trust people to be free to make their own decisions, so the liberals have to make them for us, for our own good, of course. The liberal believes that the higher power we are to look to for guidance and moral guidelines is the government.

Modern liberals have stolen the word “liberal” and redefined it. A truly liberal person is a generous, giving person. The modern liberals have perverted that virtue. Now liberalism means taking the fruit of your labor away from you and giving it to someone else whose only function is to enable the liberal establishment to continue in control. They take from the workers to give to those who can't work and those who won't work, and to a giant, wasteful, controlling bureaucratic monster of political patronage.
                                                                                                         ---Joe B. Hewitt, January 22, 2015

Joe on Obama Care ....

We Are Pawns On Obama's Chess Board

Do you suppose our president is as ignorant as he seems? He may be a chess player, like Putin, but not nearly as good as Putin. As you know, a chess player tries to think six moves ahead. So the present move may not resemble the ultimate objective. I think the real objective might be a national health service as in the UK and Canada. The moves toward that could be:
1.      Obama care. It doesn’t work. It never could work. It was passed by people who never read it. ObamaCare will bankrupt the insurance companies, the physicians, and the health care facilities.
2.      With all the insurance companies broke, the federal government will have to move in with a national insurance service, which all will be required to buy.
3.      With the hospitals broke, the government will have to take over all the hospitals.
4.      That will leave no employer for the physicians except the federal government.
5.      The federal government will “come to our rescue” with a national health service.

Pray for Joe's wife. She has serious heart problems. RB

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