Mar 6, 2016

Character Above Emotional, Fleshly Hype In Choosing A President

Vote More Carefully Than You Buy A House.

Common Sense Commentary: What is the primary, unique difference between cities, states and nations? Our U.S. cities and states are each different from the other. In the case of "Christian America" it was our Christian Founding Fathers and Mothers that made the first several hundred years of difference, though that is now changing toward secularism/socialism.

In a world of secular knowledge but spiritual ignorance, there are rare pockets of wisdom and spiritual perception surrounded, as an island, by an ocean of spiritual ignorance. Even as one city or state may produce more wholesome fruit, conducive of a more moral, spiritual atmosphere, another may do the opposite. That is, produce more evil fruit springing from the bitter roots of its founding, than another, which destines it to a higher crime rate, political corruption, fewer Christians and more non-Christian secularization of institutions and government. No one can deny that some cities are more inclined to crime and political corruption than others .... as are some states and some nations. Consider the difference between Chicago and Houston or Great Briton and Germany.

The Southern States, plus Texas and Oklahoma, are generally known as "The Bible Belt" for a reason. Though some of those states are more Bible oriented Christian than others. Mississippi and Alabama are #1 and #2. There are, of course, many exceptions to the general rule. The two Bible Belt states I know best are Texas and Oklahoma. If there is one word which describes the independent, self reliant, conservative "core" of Texas and Oklahoma voters, it is "character". I have seen it in ranchers, farmers, relatives and neighbors all of my life. It is a quality which springs from their strong, uncompromising, Christian and Constitutional heritage. The seed of  which was planted here by the early pioneers who struggled, for many months, across hundreds or thousands of unfriendly miles to settle on this wild frontier. Then, fiercely independent, hard working farmers, ranchers and circuit riding preachers, revivals, churches and Christian Institutions became the roots of Texas and Oklahoma. The "Bible Belt" states were generally more receptive to Bible reading and teaching than northern and far western states. Thus the title, Bible Belt. However, the Bible Belt across the south is also seen in a pair of suspenders running from Texas up the center of the nation all the way to North Dakota and Minnesota. The nineteen states most oriented to Bible teaching are in the Bible Belt or the Bible Suspender states plus Kentucky and West Virginia. See link below for map.

It is also true that one man, at the pinnacle of political power of a city, state or nation can completely "change" the spiritual, moral direction from its heritage of good seed and roots to corruption and destruction. That is why we desperately need to vote for and elect solid Christian Constitutionalists to all public offices or, at a minimum, committed patriots who love our country more than their agenda, themselves, their philosophy, or political party. One con-artist, narcissist, or immoral counterfeit can do untold damage, as we have seen over the past eight years. RB

Map of most "religious", hopefully Christian states.    

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