Mar 21, 2016

To You Republicans In Name Only..."Republicrats" ...You Did It To Yourselves

Fox News Reported Last Week...

Boehner says he could back Ryan in contested GOP convention


Common Sense Commentary:

Well Mr. Boehner, you and your other RINOs (Republican In Name Only) can kick and scream behind the scenes all you want, but if you hate the thought of Trump or Cruz as president of this country, don't blame them or their supporters for steam-rolling you out of office and taking control of the Republican party. If your divisive actions split the party and thereby elect Hillary, Bernie or Biden, the consequences are on you, not Cruz or Trump. You RINOs brought this ugly political catastrophe on yourselves. It was not Trump or Cruz, but YOU guys who broke all of your "elect me" Conservative campaign promises . It was YOU who fought Ted Cruz's efforts to keep those promises. It was you who went along to get along with the Democrats and their President and their Liberal agenda. It was YOU who voted to finance Obama Care, funding for Planned Parenthood and every other stupid Liberal Socialist program they wanted, over a lot of years. The only reasons I can imagine that would cause you RINOs to vote like Democrats is either because you agree with them or they have secret files on your secret lives. So if you and your fellow wimps want Paul Ryan as your President with Kasick as your stalking horse, go ahead and struggle, whine and fuss over the mess you have made of the Grand Old Party, and the country. Do what you will... this is your last betrayal of your oaths of office and those who voted for you. The Party may be terribly damaged, but there is still nearly half this country who are against your united Republicrat efforts to lead both Parties down the prim-rose path to the crime of Socialism as Hitler did to Germany and Marx/Lenin did to Russia. The Republican Party will never again become a rubber stamp for Democrat policies. It may be smaller, but it will at least be stronger.

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Ron Blair said...

Double Ditto!!
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