Jun 14, 2016

Muslims Say Obama Is A Shiite Muslim As Is Iran

All the evidence verifies he is Muslim, 
none indicates he is Christian ....

Common Sense Commentary: It takes one to know one. It takes a thief to catch a thief. Common phrases usually used as a retort to an accusation or criticism. Most of these old adages have at least some element in them. Committed Christians easily recognize other Committed Christian. But a person who wants to make a "religious" impression on them is just as easily recognize as a counterfeit. How? In some cases it is spiritual discernment. But most often it is something less.... they do not know the nuances, key words or right applications. The same is true with a doctor recognizing another doctor, a plumber another plumber, a Mormon another Mormon. Muslims recognize other Muslims, even the particular type of Muslim.

'Yes, Obama is Really a Muslim,' Claim The Muslims...?  From the Daily Wire News
Despite the media's concerted effort to declare emphatically that Barack Obama is a devout, practicing Christian, many still believe that behind closed doors Obama is actually a Muslim, or at least more sympathetic to Muslims than Christians. To the great disappointment of those who'd like to blame all Obama conspiracy theories on the "bitter clingers," claims that "Obama is a Muslim" are perhaps most persistent among a surprising group: Muslims in the Middle East.

A 2015 CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll asked Americans if they knew what Obama's religion was. "Is he Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, something else, or not religious?" asked the pollsters. The results were eye-opening. Over six years into his presidency, a majority of Americans doubted that Obama believed what he publicly said he believed. Only 39 percent said he was a Protestant/Christian, while 29 percent said they believed he was a Muslim (43 percent of Republicans, 15 percent of Democrats, and 29 percent of Independents). (That difference in itself says volumes about the perceptions of Republicans vs. Democrats. RB)

But the theory that Obama is a Muslim is not just an American phenomenon. The Washington Post explains that "Muslim" Obama theories "have mutated as they traveled abroad, adapting in unexpected ways to fit regional arguments." In the Middle East, a "persistent and widespread" theory is that Obama is not just a Muslim, but a particular brand of Muslim: Shiite. 

The theory seems to have gained even more traction as of late due to the Obama administration's unflinching devotion to Iran, resulting in Sunni leaders in the region blaming Obama's supposed religious affiliation for his political biases.

"This week, as the Obama administration announced that it was lifting sanctions on Iran as a result of a U.S. led nuclear deal with Tehran reached in July, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the head of general security for the emirate of Dubai, suggested that Obama's 'Shiite roots' had helped him get elected in a bid to bring the United States and Iran closer," writes The Washington Post.

This Iranian Deal Is Getting Worse All The time. If nothing else, the popular theory among Sunnis points to "persistent and widespread" frustration and bewilderment over Obama's inexplicable determination to empower Iran at the expense of (former) U.S. allies in the region.
So how can we respond to these Liberal Socialists and ignorant free stuff idiots who voted this Muslim, Counterfeit Christian, into office and turned a mad dog loose on our beloved country? Don't vote for any Democrat or establishment Republican. Don't let Hillary fool you into thinking that because  she and Obama don't like each other, she is not like him. 95% of Obama voters will vote for her because they are all of the same Liberal Socialist Politics. RB

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