Jul 21, 2016

Doodle Bug Donkeys Don't Like Angry Elephants Trampling Their Little Funnel Holes

They have big business kicking up dust and devouring other bugs.

Common Sense Commentary: All the speakers at the Republican Convention surpassed Donald Trump's speaking ability. I loved them all but one or two. Trump's talents do not include speech making. However, his anger at the mess Democrats and RINO Republicans have recklessly brought upon us and his determination to do something about it surpasses all the others candidates. His courage in expressing his revulsion and contempt against the career politicians who have done the dirty work has gained him a huge following of fed-up, angry Americans who see him as a much stronger leader than all the other candidates. Time will tell. I suspect he will ripe into all the smug, greedy, power hungry politicians and bureaucrats who are hiding their treasures, secret agendas and disgraceful actions close to their chests with a death grip, behind closed doors. I would far rather have Pence as president, a sterling character who has a fantastic record and gave a masterful speech, but he may be too good a man to deal with a bunch of armed, red eyed devils. Trump is a street fighter and will use a verbal machete or bazooka if necessary to turn things around, defend the Constitution, support our police and military, and regain the world's respect. We are already headed off a cliff so if he has a parachute, he can't do worse than what Obama, Hillary and the Liberals have done and the national demise they have set in motion.

A final thought about the Convention. The hullabaloo Liberal Democrats made of Trump's wife's speech, in which she made use of a common phrase repeated for generations in America, which I have heard all my life, shows the petty, immature adolescence of Liberals. Surely they could find something more important to criticize. Melania's consuming passion for physical beauty is also immature, vain and shallow. It really turns me off, but it is who she is and what she knows. It adds nothing to Trump's presidency except to shallow people. But she is not my wife, thanks goodness, and she is not President. Trump obviously loves the way she is, so leave her alone and let her play house in the White house. She hasn't done badly in raising children. Her speech was better than I thought it would be. What her critics have done to this country is ten thousand times worse than her use of an age old adage which Michelle Obama also used and Elizabeth Dole used before that and which I have used many times and heard it used a thousand times.  Here is Rush Limbaugh's take on this stupid issue.

RUSH: Do you know that Michelle Obama plagiarized her speech from Elizabeth Dole? Yes.  You want to hear it?  Here we go, chronological order in reverse.  Melania Trump Monday night in Cleveland...

MELANIA: You work hard for what you want in life, and your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise.

RUSH:  Michelle Obama in 2008...

MICHELLE:  You work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're gonna do.

RUSH:  And in 1996 in San Diego, Republican convention, Elizabeth Dole...

ELIZABETH:  Because they know he's honest, trustworthy, a man of his word, his word is his bond, and they know he has exceptional leadership.

RUSH:  Well, not word-for-word, of course, but look how similar the statements are.  And, you know, this is what real people understand. These are commonly expressed bromides. They are philosophy.  And there's only so many ways to express them.  Michelle Obama didn't originate these words and therefore the whole notion of plagiarism .... No big deal.

My comment: The big deal is in these Liberal idiots bringing it up in the first place as if it is a world shaking problem. It is doodle bug stuff. RB

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