Sep 13, 2016

An Unintended Consequence Of Fed Policy For A Cashless USA

Smuggling and barter are wrong only if its not my starving child being fed by it.

Common Sense Commentary: It seems that every unthought out, new, Democrat policy ends up causing more national damage than any perverted "good" they intended. It reminds me of a Dust Bowl, Roosevelt Socialist, I knew as a boy, who never could remember which side of the mule or horse to mount or dismount. He would almost invariably try to mount on the animal's right side and get his left leg kicked again. Why is that? Because all horses are trained to be mounted from the left. That tradition dates back many years to when soldiers carried their swords on the left side in order to grab it with their right hand. To mount from the right with the sword on the left, it would get in the way of your swing over left leg. If you are going to ride the horse you had better learn how to mount.

That ole West Texas leftest , trying to mount on the right, got his left leg kicked enough times that he limped on it the rest of his life. He didn't do it intentionally, he just couldn't learn from his mistakes and kept trying to do the same old wrong things right, which Democrats are given to do over and over and over again.

So this idea of big government, tax and regulate, bring everybody but them to an equal state of poverty, is being forced upon us by Liberal Socialists. They want everybody using digital forms of money like credit cards and cell phone apps. to buy and sell. They want to do away with cash money so nobody can buy or sell anything except where there is a digital, paper trail recorded to be used by the IRS and can be used against the taxpayers.

What they apparently aren't anticipating, but will continue to force the installation of a totally digital financial system, is the rampant use of barter, swap, trade and various forms of exchange it will cause. That is already happening to a growing extent in places like Los Angeles and by laborers, flea market and road side sellers who insist on cash rather than check or credit card. I noticed on the TV show, American Pickers, one of the buyers emphasized the fact he was paying in cash, as a bargaining leverage. The seller knew exactly what that was worth to his advantage....15 to 30% ... no record, no tax.

There already is a huge underground economy in the USA. It will become immense if cash is killed. We'll be back to the pre revolution days when America used barter, and foreign money, and which we will also use, in addition to whatever is left of American coins and cash currency as well as bullion gold and silver. I'll do this for you if you will do that for me... labor exchange.

Even if the gov. stops printing cash currency, much of that which is already in circulation will continue to be used for years, including coins, especially silver coins, in bartering between individual traders for goods and services.

The idiots have really messed up that greatest financial system in human history....
the U. S. success story which worked supremely well til the political Liberals ruined it.  RB

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