Sep 26, 2016

Its A Mystery To Me Why Some People Lie About The Devil When The Truth Is Worse

Common Sense Commentary: Since I have been using computers I have come across or had emailed to me fake notices, warnings, and articles from banks and companies I do business with, people I know and Government agencies, including the FBI, which looked exactly like the real thing but were phishing expeditions or virus carriers by crooks and evil Internet experts.

These Internet geniuses who have the ability to create a fake news story and make it look exactly like the real thing, with a News Network byline and a perfectly written, negative article which fits the modus operandi of the person being written about, but is a lie, is beyond comprehension. It is impossible to rationalize whether they are opponents trying to make the case against the person even worse than it already is or whether they are for the person lied about and are baiting a trap for over zealous opponents of the person, to snap up, spread across the Internet and look like a liar or an idiot. The true case against the Democrat Party, Obama and Hillary already contains so many negative, excruciatingly horrible facts, which are true, that lying about them is not only unnecessary hyperbole, and sinful, but plainly stupid.

I guarantee you that anyone who is on the Internet a lot has put their foot in one of those traps at least once. Even Internet sifting organizations like Snopes can't be depended on with certainty, but often reflect their own political bias. I usually "Google" or "Bing" questionable stuff, but I have some of that stuff on my shoe this morning.

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