Oct 7, 2016

Welcome To Texas Constitutional Patriots. All Others Stay And Ruin Where You Are

Common Sense Commentary: It is just plain Common Sense why Texas is different from the Detroits of our country. In Texas it is called Horse Sense. Some call it logic, reason or wisdom. But what it does for a person, a city, a state or a nation is .... It makes for law and order, balance, responsibility and success, all of which produce peace.

Fortune magazine says, in their June 2016 issue, under the title "All Signs Point To Texas", that "Texas Is Wide Open For Business" and "Business Is Bigger In Texas". They began the article by listing several of the exceptional reasons Texas is thriving ahead of all the other states. Here are seven unique qualities listed in Fortune for the success in Texas .... 

1. No Personal Or Corporate Income Taxes.

2. In 2015 Texas Was The Nations Top Exporter For The 14th Consecutive Year.

3. Based On Number Of Jobs, Texas Ranks No.1 In The Nation For Foreign And Domestic Investment.

4. Texas Is Home To 9 Of The Top 10 Fastest Growing City Economies In The Nation.

5. Texas Is The 12th Largest Economy In The World Based On GDP.

6. Texas has More Freight Rail And Public Roads Than Any Other State.

7. Texas Is Home To Over 50 Of The Fortune 500 Company Headquarters.

Fortune goes on to point out that High-Tech Companies, Fortune 500 Firms, Innovators, and talent from all over the country are pouring into Texas, Lured by low taxes, high quality living, skilled labor force and the Texas determination to help business succeed here. They also mention that Super Conservative Greg Abbott, a wheelchair bound Constitutionalist is our Governor. The article has dozens of additional reasons. "Freedom works in Texas, Patriotism works in Texas"... the 2nd Amendment also works in Texas and People Work in Texas.

Our forefathers designed a system of government that worked back then and still works today in Texas. Not following that Constitutional system has resulted in places like Democrat dominated Detroit where very little works any more.
FOX Business News confirmes Fortune's comments.

Texas Tops Best Places to Work and Live

By   - FOX Business News
Whether you are a recent college graduate or looking for a fresh start, location matters when it comes to finding a job and an affordable place to live.  You not only want to find a high-paying job but you want to stretch the dollars you earn.  So where can you go to find that job and get the most bang for your buck?CareerCast crunched the numbers and found Texas may be the answer.
Austin, Fort Worth, Houston and Midland are among the fastest growing cities in Texas and they rank among CareerCast’s best cities when it comes to higher pay and lower cost of living.  The cost of living in Fort Worth, for example, is more than 50 percent lower compared to New York City and 40 percent lower compared to San Francisco. 

The Lone Star State

“All of those cities are growing right now and they are growing because they do have a broad spectrum of jobs they are looking to fill.  A lot of businesses are starting to boom,” says Kyle Kensing, editor at CareerCast.  Companies including Facebook (FB), HomeAway (EXPE), Google (GOOGL), 3M (MMM) and Toyota (TM) have offices in the state.  Energy companies including Conoco Phillips (COP) and Halliburton (HAL) are also big employers.     
Texas is attractive because the state has no corporate or individual income tax and ranks as one of the most tax-friendly states for businesses according to the Tax Foundation.  “There are some tax advantages in Texas right now and the cost of property is lower too,” Kensing adds.
In Austin, the cost of living is six percent below the national average and the median household income is more than $63,000 or 18 percent above the national figure.  In Midland, home to energy companies Baker Hughes and Diamondback Energy, the median household income jumps to more than $77,000 or 45 percent higher than the national figure.  
University Cities

Cities with large universities also top the list of best places to live and work.
Kensing says universities not only create jobs but many universities are affiliated with medical centers which offer higher pay to attract medical professionals.  “The city’s economy is not entirely dependent on the university but at the same time, the university plays a big part in some of the higher-paying sectors, in particular healthcare,” he says.  

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