Oct 10, 2016

So Who Is Winning What's Left Of America? My Gut Tells Me ... To Throw Up

Then get back on the firing line....

Common Sense Commentary: I didn't have the stomach to watch the Presidential spit fight last night. If there had been the slightest possibility of learning something positive about my country's future, I would have. But, I just could not take another moment of listening to Hillary boast of her lifetime of lies, greed and lust for power as if all of that was a positive accomplishment. Neither could I bring myself to listen to "America's best hope", Donald Trump, boast of what a super intellectual, successful, rich master of "the art of the deal" he is. If a choice between a habitually, corrupt liar or a habitual braggart is all we are offered, I will have to vote against the habitual liar and queen of corruption. The Clintons have been in public office 40 years, since Bill was elected Attorney General of Arkansas, so we know what we can expect of them .... more corruption, greed and lying. If Trump is as adept at running the country as he has been in shady, but legal business deals, who knows where it will take America. Where ever that may be, though possibly a roller-coaster ride, it can't be as bad as the certainty of where Bill and Hillary will take us.... more Benghazis, more open borders, more Muslim infiltrators, more selling of political favors, more taxes, more immorality, more violations of our Constitution and less employment, less integrity and less freedom.

At this late date, every voter knows which of the two sorry candidates they prefer. The final question is, which of the two camp's backers are the most emotionally driven by love, hate or fear to actually go stand in line to vote that choice? I suspect that would be Trump's. But that does not account for a key state's vote being stolen (as in Chicago Ill.) and which party is most likely to do the stealing. That would be Hillary's. We can survive Trump as President but Hillary will be the end of America as we remember it ..... before that other corrupt Democrat .... Obama, set the stage for national disintegration.

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