Oct 26, 2016

One In Three Working Age In US Cannot Find Job, Have Given Up Or Won't Work

Common Sense Commentary:  Voters let it happen and voters can stop it if they will finally vote right, if it is not already too late.

From CNSNews.com
Record 94,708,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Drops in May 
By Susan Jones | June 3, 2016 

The labor force participation rate has deteriorated over Obama's two terms. A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May -- 664,000 more than in April -- and the labor force participation rate dropped .... to 62.6 percent, near its 38-year low, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday.

This from News and Views - June 2016
Alan Greenspan, in a recent interview with Fox Business News, said, “Our problem is not recession which is a short-term economic problem. I think .... there is a very large migration from being a worker into being a recipient of social benefits, as it is called. And this is legally mandated in all of our countries.” The western world, he concludes, is headed to "a state of disaster."

The Cato Institute released an updated 2014 study showing that welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job in 33 states and the District of Columbia. 

According to the study, welfare benefits have increased faster than the minimum wage. It’s now more ?profitable to sit at home and watch TV than it is to earn a salary in many states. 

Hawaii HAS the biggest payout, where welfare recipients earn $29.13 per hour, or a $60,590 ?yearly salary, all for doing nothing. 

Here is the list of the states where the pre-tax equivalent “salary” that welfare recipients receive is higher than having a job: 

1. Hawaii: $60,590 
2. District of Columbia :$50,820 
3. Massachusetts : $50,540 
4. Connecticut : $44,370 
5. New York : $43,700 
6. New Jersey : $43,450 
7. Rhode Island : $43,330 
8. Vermont : $42,350 
9. New Hampshire : $39,750 
10. Maryland : $38,160 
11. California : $37,160 
12. Oregon : $34,300 
13. Wyoming : $32,620 
14. Nevada : $29,820 
15. Minnesota : $29,350 
16. Delaware : $29,220 
17. Washington : $28,840 
18. North Dakota : $28,830 
19. Pennsylvania : $28,670 
20. New Mexico : $27,900 
21. Montana : $26,930 
22. South Dakota : $26,610 
23. Kansas : $26,490 
24. Michigan : $26,430 
25. Alaska : $26,400 
26. Ohio : $26,200 
27. North Carolina : $25,760 
28. West Virginia : $24,900 
29. Alabama : $23,310 
30. Indiana : $22,900 
31. Missouri : $22,800 
32. Oklahoma : $22,480 
33. Louisiana : $22,250 
34. South Carolina : $21,91 

As a point of reference the average Middle Class annual income today is $50,000, down from ?$54,000 at the beginning of the current recession. 

Hawaii, DC, and Massachusetts pay more in welfare than the average working folks earn there. 

Is it any wonder that people stay home rather than look for a job? Can you hear our current and future students telling their teachers: "Why work when I can make more  on ?welfare !? 

Also, consider how well our government leaders are doing. Especially, considering all the great work they DON'T do. RETIREMENT SALARIES: 

United States Presidents -- $180,000 FOR LIFE House/Senate members -- $174,000 FOR LIFE Speaker of the House (this is additional) -- $223,500 FOR LIFE Majority/Minority Leader (this is additional) -- $193,400 FOR LIFE 

Average Salary of a teacher ? -- $40,065 Average Salary of Soldier -- DEPLOYED IN A COMBAT ZONE -- $38,000 HOW DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN? 

This is Insane: Nancy Pelosi will retire with a Congressional Pension of $174,000 Dollars a year FOR LIFE.. ADDITIONALLY, she will receive: Retirement pay for having been the SPEAKER of $223,500 a year. PLUS, she will receive an additional ?$193,400 a year for having been the Minority Leader.That's $803,700 Dollars a year FOR LIFE, which includes FREE medical which is not available to us . . . the taxpayers. And, her's is just one of hundreds of other Congressmen and Senators past and present who have/will also receive six figure lifetime retirements. Is it any wonder that the country has a 20 Trillion Dollar Debt? It is time we wake up and smell the coffee. This country is bankrupt and we are growing a do nothing get everything for free society. If you agree, pass it on. I just did.


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