Oct 15, 2016

My Texas

Common Sense Commentary: After nearly 30 years pastoring the church my wife and I, and our children, established in Florida, during my last months there, my health broke and I had two major surgeries. My doctor, knowing the state of my health, told me I should think of retiring and look after my health. I told him I just couldn't bear to leave the church  and felt it would almost kill me to leave.
He was quiet a moment and then said, Dr. Blair, you can continue pastoring here and soon have a big funeral or go home to Texas, live a lot longer and have a small one. Mrs Blair and I prayed about it and it did nearly kill me for a couple of years, but we are both still alive and quite well. I love Texas and thank the Lord often for extending my years and allowing me this blog ministry. But I still love that church ... those wonderful, generous, loving people we shared the heartbreaks and blessings with for so many years ... the best years of our lives. But we came home to Texas so we wouldn't be a distraction to the unity and effectiveness of the church. It was the right decision and we still have the precious memories to bless us in these later years.

Here is a Texas song I learned as a small boy, in school, and have sung it all my life....

My friend Chester Grimsley, a lover of Natures glory and wild things, dug this video up for me. Chet and Rita, and their children were among the members of that wonderful Florida church. Thanks Chet, for the video. It expresses what I feel about my state, and why I came home when father time ran me down. RB



Rex said...

My heart soared, my eyes teared up and my soul sang as I watched beautiful West Texas come to life.
Must have been the West Texas DNA that was stirred back to life deep in my bones.
Thanks Dad!

Ron Blair said...

Very, very enjoyable!

Dan Hylkema said...

Will always be sad you and wife left Temple, but completely understand the reason.Glad you are healthy, along with being wise.Eternity will show the Awesome results of your Ministry at Temple !!