Jun 3, 2012

A Christian, Constitutional, Conservative, Independent American

Common Sense Commentary: For years I have been more anti-Democrat than Pro-Republican.  Many times I have voted for the lesser of two evils.  When I looked at the two Party Platforms, there was little difference, but their actions, after election, gave the Republicans the edge so I considered myself on the right wing of the Republican Party... a Constitutional, Conservative, Christian Republican.  I chose that because I couldn't see any wing of the Democrat Party which fit that description.  I disagreed with half of the Republican and ninety  percent of the Democrat Party.  But the Democrats aren't one hundred percent responsible for the unholy mess politicians and greedy, freeloading  voters have gotten us into.  In my estimation, the political and financial chaos which looms on the horizon of our shores is the natural result of the seed we have sown.  The effect does not determine the cause, the cause determines the effect.  So what is the cause?  Like all such calamities in all of history, the cause is, at it's root, a spiritual problem. 

When America was considered by most of the world as a "Christian, Conservative nation of Constitutional Law and Freedom, our people mostly accepted the Bible as God's Word and the Constitution as the limits of Law, we did very well.  We were known as "Christian America".  But, though our country was unquestionably founded upon Christian principles by mostly Christian believers, we are no longer a truly, basically, Christian nation.  The evidence of that is plainly obvious in the kind of politicians we elect, the entertainment a majority of Americans enjoy, the rise of divorce, abortions, drug addiction, perversion of marriage, and the metamorphic devolving of our churches from something holy, biblical,  and born again, into a religious freeforall with no standards and tons of emotion, show and glitter.  A beautiful butterfly has become a huge, gorging  fat caterpillar. Our problems are spiritual.  Though Christian evangelicals who vote, vote Republican, neither party can be classified as "Christian".  The Republican party has slowly but surely become the Democrat "Lite" Party. 

I am not at all sure that "any" political party can be truly Christian.  Those which call themselves "Christian" something or other, in other countries are not, in any way, truly Christian.  Even most pseudo "Christian" churches are not truly, "Christian" so it is foolish to expect a political party to be "Christian".  Our Christian, founding fathers left that door open for all Americans to have "Freedom of Religion", regardless of what religion it might be or no religion at all.  Christianity must be freely, personally accepted by a person, of their own free will, or their "profession" means nothing at all.  So called "Catholic countries" are Christian in name only not in reality.  All Muslim countries were originally conquered by Muslims and forced into their religion in the first generation and following generations were physically and psychologically born into it, not spiritually "born again" into it.

I am not looking for a "Christian" Political Party.  There is no such thing.  I am looking for a Political Party which first, follows our Constitution and Bill of Rights to the letter.  It worked for nearly 200 years and would still be working if Patriotic, thinking  Americans had risen up in absolute defiance when the first deviation from it was not challenged by an irrepressible, united  force of good Citizens.  As with raising children, that first violation, of the rules we live by, undisiplined, leads to another and another and another until half the country has no respect for our Constitution at all, and no idea what it says.  Even as a spoiled,  undisiplined child, with no rules of order, grows up into an undisciplined, anything goes, irresponsible adult... which is exactly what we are dealing with today.  This did not happen overnight but has been at least 50 years in the making, and cannot be reversed quickly.   Half of the American people were born into a welfare, free stuff, political patrimonial society which assumes the government or "someone" owes them a living, guaranteed happiness, a retirement and free everything, which they cannot or do not provide for themselves.  That is a direct contradiction of God's first assignment to man .... "work".  "And the LORD God took the man, and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it." Gen.2:15.  God's work assignment to people came before sin and it's resulting curse of thorns, thistles and "In the sweat of thy face (hard labor) shalt thou eat bread til thou return unto the ground." Gen.3:19. God's word also admonishes us, "For when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.  Now them that are such we command and exhort, by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread."  1 Thess.3:10-12.

The only way the USA will ever be restored to "the land of the free" is for "the home of the brave"  to rise up in united, titanium toughness and force the issue through the ballot box.  God owes us nothing.  He will deliver individual souls who repent and turn to Christ but He will not deliver our nation out of the sinful swamp a majority of us have created and a majority which still thinks Socialism's "free stuff" works.  Both parties have been terminally infected with that disease and one of them is on it's Liberal death bed. 

The Libertarian Party isn't the answer for Christians either.  Though they strongly believe in the U.S. Constitution, a majority of them are for practically no rules at all and are for "choice" concerning abortion, drugs, gay marriage and whatever.  If they would exchange those things for the Biblical or at least moral point of view, I could join them, but that won't happen. At least they are for the U.S. Constitution.
A "Sea Change"  for a Strongly Constitutional, Political Party is desperately needed. The Tea Party isn't really a Political Party, in it's true sense, with a separate primary, and a slate of candidates for office,  though it is political and strongly patriotic, it simply supports "Constitutional" candidates.  It is rather like me in that it is compelled to vote for the most Constitutional of the Republican candidates or run one of their own as a Republican.  Tea Partiers are  mostly, common, ordinary, patriotic, Constitutional, tax paying Americans looking for a home. They don't care much about the Republican Party and have nothing in common with Democrats ... nothing. The last Democrat I could have voted for was Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia, who has long since outgrown political office. 

Any political party which has within it's ranks ninety percent of the nation's gays, abortionists, Socialists, religious Liberals, dis-respecters of our Constitution, freeloaders, anti-Christians, pro-big government, anti-military, illegal alien voters, and
the Jessie Jacksons, Al Sharptons, Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids and the President's Czars and Cabinet, is not the party of my father, who was a democrat most of his life.
He left the party only after it left him.  Under no circumstances could I be a member of such an organization.  Neither can I call myself a Republican since it has and is still contributing to the near 100 trillion dollar debt and obligations politicians have dragged us into.

So what am I?  A Christian, Constitutional, Conservative, Independent American.  In that order.  But, there is no such Political Party.  There needs to be one.  RB

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