Jun 14, 2012

Chris Matthews: One Honest Liberal Commentator

Common Sense Commentary:  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth
shall make you free."  Jesus said it in Jn.8:32.

This is so true it speaks for itself;  But Liberals denied it for years. They had so brainwashed John Q, they didn't worry about public reaction.  But suddenly,
Chris Matthews, the Liberal's Liberal, who claimed a "thrill ran up his leg", 
blurted it out to the world: "The News Media is Liberal; it's true", he said.
He had an Obama, "My Muslim faith" moment, put his brain in neutral and
spoke from his heart. Now that Chris has fessed up for all his cohorts, and let
the flying nocturnal mammal out of the bat bag, the issue is settled.  Ten billion
denials are now in the "Liars Column". Why anyone is surprised beats me. 
NOW, my patriotic, Constitutional, all American friends, before the Liberals
finish the sentence and confess they are "really Socialists", which they are, we
must bring America back to her roots and foundation ... The United States
Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Long live Freedom in America.  I must add
this, "Thank you Chris for telling the truth when all those about you lie." RB

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