Feb 23, 2015

For Fear You Will Not See And Hear This .... I Publish It

Common Sense Commentary: Rudy Giuliani did more to stop crime in New York City than any mayor, governor or president in the history of the city. He stood tall in the face of the Mafia, drug pushers and muggers and made New York City safer than it had been in many years. He stood up against Muslim Terrorists and those who cowered in fear of them and wanted to give them anything they wanted to pacify them in hopes they wouldn't hit us again. Today, Rudy is standing up against our President who is compromising with Islam at every turn and yielding to every demand of Iran and Islam in general. It isn't because he is a coward but because he relates to Islam more than to America, Israel, our Constitution or our freedoms and our way of life.  This President has long passed being given the benefit of the doubt. Everything he has done, as president, puts him on the side of our enemies, and it is time Congress puts a stop to his treasonous consorting with those enemies and sacrificing the nation of Israel and our own country.  In the link below, Giuliani publically speaks out against what I have described aabove and takes his stand firmly for you and me, for our country, our Constitution, our freedoms and for America's best friend among nations ... Israel. RB


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Thomas Sabatino said...

All that reads on this commentary is the truest commentary on the President of our U.S. He must be stopped. Our freedom to practice our Christian Faith will surely become outright illegal in our own country and every freedom and value this country historically has held dear will disappear, being the absolute destruction of it.