Feb 15, 2015

Marco Rubio's Powerful Challenge To Democrats Not To Boycott Israeli Prime Minister's Address To Congress

Common Sense Commentary: The key questions, in the present world-wide debate concerning Israel's right to exist as a nation, is this. Where does God want the United States Of America to stand? Do we stand with all those Jew hating  Muslim nations surrounding her, who want to exterminate Israel? Do we stand with the increasing numbers of Jew hating European citizens whose fathers and grandfathers betrayed the Jews to the concentration camps and holocaust ovens of Germany? Do we stand with a President who said the Muslim call to worship was the most beautiful sound he ever heard, who admires those Muslims who hate Israel, and he who stands against Israel at every turn? If our country does not stand by our best friend in the world, exactly who will we stand by?  And if we do not stand by Israel, which other nation in the entire world will? Fortunately, God is standing by them whether anyone else does or not, but we will answer to Him for our stand for or against them.

In this U-tube, Marco Rubio sounds like a Baptist Preacher. God bless him.


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