Jun 13, 2015

Enough! You Closet Crooks ... Get Off The Cops' Case ... You Look Like mindless Idiots Out There

Common Sense Commentary: No, they aren't perfect. No, they aren't super human.  No, they aren't without fault ... and neither are you. Yes, they do make mistakes .... and so do you.  They are like the rest of us ... faulty humans trying to do their job.

New York City is suddenly experiencing a huge crime wave as a result of political pressure and intimidation of authorities to side with mindless demonstrators, against the police. Now the city is getting the consequences it deserves for its betrayal of its law enforcement officers. I fear it is a trend you closet crooks are responsible for, and will get worse before it gets better. The insanity of it is that it hurts the neighborhoods of the rioters worse than the people they hate so much.

One young punk screamed, "They treat us like animals". Could that be because you act like animals? The root question is, Which is cause and which is effect?
Any reasonable, observant person knows where the balance is, in that question.

We are blessed that some of our fellow Americans are willing to wear the police or military uniform and put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us. You closet crooks expose your true, lawless, evil hearts every time you jump to rash conclusions and blame the cops, riot, destroy and burn your own neighborhoods. long before all the facts are revealed by a grand jury.

If you have never been in a constant fire fight for months on end with your life hanging by a thread every day and night. If you have not had to make life and death decisions in an instant... or die. If you were never an 18 or 19-year-old soldier just trying to do your job without getting your or your buddy's head blown off. Or, if you never served as a peace officer in a ghetto or a large city and had to face down thugs, dope dealers, murderers and lunatics, without setting off a riot, then you have no idea what our military and law enforcement people live through. And, I might add, at pitifully low salaries. And don't give me that Obama diatribe, "These soldiers knew what they were getting into, so let them pay for their own insurance."

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the cops are correct in their handling of the criminal element who naturally swear they are innocent in spite of the evidence against them. My advice is that you pathetic pacifists stop letting your fragile emotions be jerked around every time a historic liar and thief accuses a cop of abuse or brutality. Cops are just people, not saints or flittering little whinners like you Liberal thumb suckers and closet criminals hiding behind "good guy" masks.

Grow up. Show yourself an honest, reasonable man or woman. Stand up for those who stand up for you against every kind of evil and depraved criminal.  Its hard to support government policy these days, but 99% of the time we can support those who pay the price to keep America safe. Where would we be without them? Imagine New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and home town USA without our law enforcement protectors. I'd rather have a third rate cop come to my rescue than no cop at all.

One more word ... to you sniveling cowards who have taken it upon yourselves to ambush cops from hiding and then run into your rat hole to laugh and brag about killing a cop, to your rat pack gang of vermin. You may get away with it here but your screams will reverberate through the depths of hell for eternity.  I would speak to you with more compassion if you had any concept of what compassion is. And no, I am not a sweet smelling, soft-spoken, pink-cheeked, gullible "clergyman" like some of you prefer in preachers and neither was the Apostle Paul.  RB

This came today in my email.

Rayburn, I thought this was a very good article since our police officers are no longer respected as they once were.
   My wife's brother who was a Major in the Air Force serving in Viet Nam sent me this article and wrote the first
   six statements.
Louis Holmes (Louis is a Chosin Few brother Marine)

Subject: I was a police officer.

I am very tempted to lose my Christian values when I see Al Sharpton or someone similar ranting and raving at rallies (the very events that are being protected by the Police!) when there are so few standing up for the Police.   I encourage all of you to do 6 things:
1.     Every time you see a first-responder stop and tell them how much you appreciate their service.
2.     Keep a little extra money in your pocket so, when you see a first-responder in a restaurant you can pay for their meal (if you can afford it.)
3.     Call your local city/county government elected official and tell them you expect government support for their police force.
4.     Donate to police benevolent organizations, BUT, send it or give directly to them…NOT through those phone solicitations, because only a small % actually goes to the Police.  (BTW-Every time any organization solicits over the phone, tell them you will not donate until you visit their web site to determine what percentage of your money goes to the CAUSE and how much is kept by the solicitation company.  To me…anything less than 50% to the CAUSE is unacceptable.  But, like I said..donating directly to the local organization is the best way.)
     5.  Email Al Sharpton’s network (http://nationalactionnetwork.net/about/contact-us/... and complain about his tactics to demean the Police.
          I sent him a message asking him to stop ‘race-baiting’ every Police action before he gets all the FACTS.  He ends up lying and he never apologizes for his lies.
          I accused him of using those tactics to keep his power and grow his finances.
     6.  The next time you bake some dessert, make a little extra and drop it off at the Police Station/Fire House/etc….say thanks for their service.
The message below is SO true……Max

I was a police officer.

Today, I will not answer the radio call that your boyfriend has come home drunk and is beating you again.

Today, I will not answer the radio call that your 16 year old daughter, who is very responsible, is four hours late coming home from school.

Today, I will not answer the radio call that your store has been robbed or your house has been burglarized.

Today, I will not stop a drunk driver from killing someone.  I will not catch a rapist or a murderer or a car thief.

Today, I will not answer the radio call that a man has a gun or tried to abduct a child or that someone has been stabbed or has been in a terrible accident.

Today, I will not save your child that you locked in a car or the child you were too busy to watch who went outside and fell into the swimming pool, but that I revived.

No, today I will not do that.


Today, I was suspended from duty for doing my job, because the media, liberals, a community organizer, a lawyer who formally represented terrorists and is the US attorney general and a mayor who ran on an anti-police agenda, who are all advised by a drug dealer, liar and income tax cheat.  AND, all who know nothing about Policing, have vilified my profession.

Because ----

Today, I was killed by a drunk driver while I was helping push a disabled car off the highway.

Today, I was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop to simply tell someone that they had a taillight out.

Today, I was killed in a traffic accident rushing to help a citizen.

Today, I was shot and killed serving a warrant on a known drug dealer.

Today, I was killed by a man when I came by to do a welfare check because his family was too busy.

Today, I was killed trying to stop a bank robbery or a grocery store robbery.

Today I was killed doing my job.

A chaplain and an officer will go to a house and tell a mom and dad or a wife or husband or a child that their son or daughter or husband or wife or father or mother won't be coming home today.

The flags at many police stations were flown at half-mast today but most people won't know why.

There will be a funeral and my fellow officers will come, a twenty-one-gun salute will be given, and taps and bagpipes will be played as I am laid to rest.

My name will be put on a plaque, on a wall, in a building, in a city somewhere.

A folded flag will be placed on a mantel or a bookcase in a home somewhere and a family will mourn.

There will be no cries for justice.  There will be no riots in the streets.  There will be no officers marching, screaming 'no justice, no peace.'  No citizens will scream that something must be done.  No windows will be smashed, no cars burned, no stones thrown, no names called.

Only someone crying themselves to sleep tonight will be the only sign that I was cared about.

I was a police officer.

Please keep our police officers and fire department men and women in our thoughts and prayers --- for all they do --- for all of us.

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Trent said...

I hate to say this, but Obama is going to press this issue of cop-hating forward, eventually using it to institute martial law and then abolish presidential term limits. The dictator is laying the foundation for his throne with the blood of police officers.