Jun 10, 2015

How About A Free Luxury Train Trip Through The Swiss Alps With Me?

Common Sense Commentary: God is so creative! Understatement of the millennium.

My friend, Fred Good, gave me a free, ten minute, all expenses paid train trip from Milan, Italy through the Swiss Alps, over the high Bernina Pass and on down to beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. The villages, meadows, glaciers and mountains were beautiful. Besides the food, there are few things I like about Europe better than the United States. The best of those is the European Rail System. It is far superior to the U.S. Amtrak system. It is smooth, quiet, clean and comfortable.

So, because of your willingness to read my often rambling, sometimes rude, but unequaled in volume, blog, I am sending each of you a free ticket on the same train with me for your own ten minute vacation through the Alps. RB

Click on the blue, train like, link below and your tour begins. RB


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TShow said...

Enjoyed the ride. Thanks