Jun 29, 2015

A Muslim, Trojan Horse Stands Within Our Nation

Towering over every other power but God's ...

Common Sense Commentary: Surely there are enough patriotic Americans who love this country and cherish the truth, who are willing to stand up and speak out against what our political leaders are allowing to happen to America. We must, whatever the cost, defend our American heritage and our freedom from this tsunami wave of Islamic and Immoral destruction that is sweeping across this land ... from the Trojan donkey in the White House to our infected Universities and Public Schools to the decadent Liberal News Media. In the name of Jesus, integrity, honor and America's families and churches let us take whatever action necessary to put a stop to this evil plague of satanic heresy strangling our country to death. RB

Watch the video below and pass it on to everyone.
This lady (Brigitte Gabriel) was on CNN recently.  
She has been threatened with death by ISIS. She 
said that the New York police department is the 
best organization when it comes to intelligence on 
terrorism.  Not the CIA, not the FBI.  Americans/
Canadians/Europeans need to wake up and listen 
to her warning.  She is not reading the words from 
a Teleprompter but speaks spontaneously from her
heart ... with great conviction and truth.

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