Jul 1, 2015

Celebrating Our Independence Is Hypocritical If You Won't Fight To The Death To Preserve It

Common Sense Commentary: Where have all the American Patriots gone?
Flag waving means nothing if the waver is not a patriot. 4th of July beer drinking and sun bathing and feasting is not what our forefathers had in mind when they declared our independence from a tyrannical king and the abusive British Empire. It was the American freedom loving patriots, not the quisling, status quo, wemps, who fought and died to establish a free United States Of America without a privileged and elite class of nobility ruling over us as we now have.

I got a letter from the Republican Party today asking for support and money. I wrote across the "How much will you give?" page that I am no longer a Republican because the Party is too much like the Democrats and I cannot support Liberals whatever they claim to be. Liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans got us into this irreversible mess and Liberals of any stripe cannot get us out of it. Here is what I, as a Conservative voter expect of you RINOs (Republican In Name Only) before I will again support you ....

I Expect you to be more than one belt hole less Liberal than the Democrats.

I Expect you to do more than drag the tippy toe of one foot in opposition to Democrat wild and free spending and Constitutional violations.

I Expect you to defend, with all of your ability, the right of Christians to oppose abortion and same sex marriage without persecution from the government.

I Expect you to slam the Democrat's open door policy to illegal aliens and secure our borders.

I Expect you to fight Muslim terrorists at least as fervently as the troops you send over seas to fight them and possibly die doing it.

I Expect you to stop avoiding the truth and speak straight and honest ... or shut up.

I Expect you to put the best interests of our country ahead of party, politics, friends, lobbyists, bribes or your own re-election.

I Expect you to be courageous and honest in your defence of the Constitution or resign.

In other words, be and do what most of you promised to do when elected, regardless of what the Republican leadership wants you to do. RB

"For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed." Isaiah 9:16.

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