Jul 12, 2015

Texas County Clerk And Alabama Supreme Court Say No To The U.S. Supreme Court On Illegal Marriages

Common Sense Commentary: Christians and other moral Constitutionalists must support acts of courage and conviction such as the two examples below of individuals and centers of power standing up for moral and Constitutional laws in our country .... even if it is against the U.S. Supreme Court, the President or the Congress. If they are brave enough to stand up and speak out for God and country, we must be brave enough to stand with them.  If we don't, we are spineless cowards. RB

Gay marriage' ruling can’t mess with Texas clerk
From NE NewsNow


Despite the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex “marriage” from coast to coast, Irion County District Clerk Molly Criner is declaring her own decision to take a bold stand for natural marriage by refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples in the Lone Star State.

A Closer Look Criner made her take on the opinion of the five Supreme Court Justices quite clear.

“To keep my oath to uphold the Constitution, I must reject this ruling that I believe is lawless,” Criner stated when announcing her stance. “I have to stand for the Constitution and the rule of law.”

The clerk from central Texas argues that clerks across the nation should not feel compelled to support a lawless ruling — even if it comes from the highest court in the land.

“The Justices of the Supreme Court acted outside and against the authority granted to them by the very Constitution that we have sworn to uphold,” contends Criner, who has been offered legal representation over the matter by the Christian nonprofit legal group, Liberty Counsel.

Tipping the scales of justice?

Criner insists that the five SCOTUS Justices tipped the system of checks and balances that were set and balanced more than two centuries ago out of fear of future tyrannical rulings.

“[O]ur Founding Fathers were fearful of too much power in the hands of a few,” Criner explained. “Consequently, they created a Constitutional Republic in which authority to rule belonged to the PEOPLE, to be exercised through their elected representatives.“

The natural marriage supporter then made her case that those writing the majority opinion for same sex marriage in the Supreme Court clearly overstepped their authority.

“In that Constitution, the Supreme Court was given the authority to expound the law, not rewrite it or remake it,” the Texas clerk asserted. “Natural marriage cannot be redefined by government without stepping out of the bounds of nature and nature’s God, who was recognized at the founding of our nation as the very source of our liberties.”

Good judgment to overcome bad ruling? 

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver points out that flawed SCOTUS decisions in the past have been rectified after proper legal analysis.

“The Supreme Court has historically made a number of bad rulings that time and justice have been able to realize and overcome,” Staver maintains.

Staver says that Americans standing for true justice should not succumb to a bad ruling, but join together and stand for the intended law of the land.

“The opinion of five lawyers regarding marriage is another example of an unjust law that will be overcome as people stand together, individually, and as States,” the pro-family leader continued.

The Virginia-based attorney adamantly urges citizens not to back down and submit to a ruling that he says defies the very principles that have guided America for centuries.

“Like Molly, each of us should vow not to be intimidated but, instead, to stand united for our God-given liberties and the Rule of Law,” Staver exhorted Americans across the country.

Will Alabama buck marriage rulin
From One News Now

A reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual "marriage" could forthcoming soon from the Alabama Supreme Court.

"[F]or those who believe in a government of laws, not of men, the majority's approach is deeply disheartening .... Five lawyers have closed the debate and enacted their own vision of marriage as a matter of constitutional law."

Excerpt from Liberty Counsel brief

Liberty Counsel has filed a reply brief with the Alabama court in response to the opinion issued by "five lawyers" on the U.S. Supreme Court. Founder Mat Staver tells OneNewsNow the brief asks the state court to recognize the ruling as only an opinion that isn't grounded in the Constitution, the constitutional precedence, or the rule of law.

"In fact there's precedent for state supreme courts not following bogus United States Supreme Court opinions," Staver explains. "The infamous Dred Scott decision, [which] said that blacks were not entitled to full citizenship, was not followed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court – and history pointed out that the Wisconsin Supreme Court was right and the Supreme Court was wrong."

Staver believes that's the same situation America faces today.

Liberty Counsel's 40-page brief submitted to Alabama also asks the state's high court to protect the religious liberty of its citizens because.

Staver "This opinion by five lawyers on marriage is already having catastrophic consequences against people of faith," the Christian attorney notes. "It starts off with the clerks or the probate judges or the magistrates with regards to the issuing of licenses, and it's spreading from there. And it certainly is in the jurisdiction of the Alabama Supreme Court to protect its citizens with respect to their precious religious liberty rights."

Staver suggests a decision from that court could come as early as within the next few days.

Polygamy, polyamory next?

Constitutional attorney Matt Barber says with the assault on natural marriage fueled by the high court's decision, Americans can expect an open season on marriage in legislatures and courts throughout the nation.

Barber, who is also the founder of Barbwire.com, points out that dissenting justices in the same-sex marriage case before the Supreme Court stated clearly that the ruling opens the door for other illegal forms of marriage to become legal.

"And by rolling out this notion of so-called 'gay marriage' and saying that it's a constitutional right, they must now necessarily allow any form of so-called 'marriage,'" he argues. "Polygamy is next. The polygamists are calling it 'marriage equality.' The polyamorists, you know two men marrying two women, communal marriages and so forth."

Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)Barber fully expects their advocates and activists to pressure lawmakers and the courts to legalize their definition of marriage, all stemming from the Supreme Court ruling.

"That was the whole purpose behind so-called 'marriage equality,'" Barber continues. "It was never that the homosexual activists wanted the white picket fence. It was that they wanted to burn down the white picket fence ...

"[They wanted to] water down the institution of marriage so that marriage is meaningless, and we will see that now with incestuous marriages and polygamist marriages as well as so-called same-sex marriages."

But the attorney stresses that God, not the Supreme Court, is the final authority on marriage; and that to Christians, marriage will always be between one man and one woman – and on that definition, he concludes, Christians must stand firm.

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