Jul 25, 2015

Black African Christians More Attuned To Truth Than U.S. Liberal Pols And Supremes

Common Sense Commentary: Obama, Congress, The Supreme Court and the U.S. News Media didn't listen to American conservative Pastors and Churches
so why would the President pay any attention to Christians in his native land? RB


38,000 Christian Churches Just Made 

a HUGE Move Against Barack Obama!

President Barack Obama is in Kenya today for a global economic

summit. It’s his first visit to his father’s home country while President.

While he is trying to develop strong ties between America and Kenya, millions of Kenyans don’t want want to hear about “gay” marriage and the homosexual agenda.

Now, thanks to the effort led by Mark Kariuki and 700 Kenyan evangelical pastors, an alliance representing 38,000 churches and 10 million Kenyan Christians have signed on to a letter which tells Obama to not talk about gay rights!

They are not happy with Obama’s secular worldview. Obama famously changed the lighting at the White House to the “gay” flag after the Supreme Court struck down Ohio’s gay marriage ban.

“We do not want him to come and talk on homosexuality in Kenya or push us to accepting that which is against our faith and culture,” Kariuki said. Kariuki welcomes the president’s visit but says leave “the gay talk” in America.

“Let him talk about development; let him talk about cooperation; let him talk about the long-time relationship Kenya has had with America,” he said. “But about our beliefs and culture– keep off!”

Obama has used previous trips to Africa to urge governments to respect gay rights. Kariuki said the open letter is a warning to the president.

“The family is the strength of a nation. If the family is destroyed, then the nation is destroyed,” he said. “So we don’t want to open doors for our nation to be destroyed!”

Pro-family activists took to the streets of Nairobi this month, urging President Obama to avoid the subject when he visits.

“Since Obama has a Kenyan descent, I think he should be more familiar with our culture. Africa has a conservative culture,” said one of the participants in the pro-family rally. via CBN News

Practicing the gay lifestyle is illegal in Kenya, along with 37 other African nations. Bishop Kariuki said he’ll fight to keep homosexuality a crime in Kenya, as he believes it is an abomination to God.

“God did not create man and woman so that men would marry men and women marry women,” the country’s deputy president is quoted saying. Another lawmaker warned, “We shall tell him to shut up and go home” if he talks about gay rights. Kenya is 82% Christian, and clearly has no patience for Obama’s views on homosexuality. It wasn’t long ago that Obama claimed he believed marriage was between one man and one woman, but no one believed he meant what he said. At this point, it’s difficult to consider Obama a Christian.

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