Jul 24, 2015

1,200,000,000 Muslims: Here Is One Of The 15 or 20 To Speak Against The Terrorists

Common Sense Commentary: I have just four words for this young Muslim man .... "Watch Your Back Haseeb". I predict he won't live long. Those Muslims he says aren't really Muslims outnumber him by at least a billion and any one of them is a potential assassin. The various sects of Islam hate each other as well as us, but especially those few Muslims who speak out against their terrorism and extremism. I admire Haseeb for his courage to speak up, but that is probably what will get him killed and is likely the reason those Muslims who believe as he does are silent. The Nazis, Communists, Mafia, KKK, Street Gangs and Black extremists have all bought the silence of good, descent people with threats, intimidation, violence and murder. RB

This From Patriot Update
Muslim Man’s Epic Rant Against 
the Islamic State Goes Viral [Video]
I commend Haseeb for condemning ISIS and the violence in such a passionate way. However, there are far too few Muslims standing up decrying terrorism and the atrocities committed in the name of Islam and the Quran. Regardless of how Haseeb feels, these terrorists are Muslim and they feel they are following their holy book. I agree with him that every last one of them in our countries should pack their bags and head to Syria or wherever in the Middle East and never, ever come back. Of course, I also want to see each of them take a dirt nap, but I digress. Haseeb has the right attitude and is a proud Brit, but he is just one. there are millions of Muslims out there that are in silent agreement with ISIS. The religion of peace has morphed into the religion of pieces. Actions speak louder than words. The only reason all of Islam is being blamed is that the overwhelming majority of terrorists on the planet are Muslim and the silence from the Ummah is deafening and damning.
From TheBlaze:
Haseeb Ahmed, a Muslim who is publicly urging people to unite against terrorism, published a short video earlier this month condemning the Islamic State that has now gone viral.
Ahmed, 26, who described himself as a “proud British Muslim,” lambasted the violence being perpetuated by the terror group in the two-minute clip that was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, and implored extremists who are sympathetic to the Islamic State and who reside in the U.K. to leave the country.
“For those people who do support these attacks and do support these terrorists who are killing innocent people — you guys should all go pack your bags, go to Syria, and never be allowed to set foot in this country again,” he said. “This is a good country it gives a lot of people opportunity. If you’re not here to benefit the country, then pack your bags and get out.”
Ahmed — cousin of famed British boxer Amir Khan — also said that he believes that the Islamic faith is a religion of peace and that Islamic State members are not truly Muslims.
“Hopefully everyone should unite and be together and stand against these terrorists who aren’t Muslims. They say that they’re Muslims and they recite all these verses taken out of context,” he said. “I condemn these actions — all terrorist actions. Killing anybody is against Islam. It says in the Koran killing one person is like killing the whole of humanity.”
Ahmed continued, telling viewers not to be fooled by “propaganda and how people sometimes people scapegoat the whole religion.”
Ahmed later told the Daily Express that Muslims in Britain need to be more vocal about opposition to the Islamic State, accusing those of remaining too silent of ”contributing to the problem.”
“Britain wants British Muslims to come out and condemn terrorism and on the whole I don’t think they are condemning these things enough,” he said. “We need to conclusively denounce terrorism.”
He told the outlet that he also believes that the burqa should be banned, and that only those who speak English should be permitted to live in Britain. Read more about Ahmed’s views here.
America is at war abroad and at home with radical Islam. Denying that a terrorist is Muslim when he is proclaimed so, is dishonest and misleading. People want to see the good in all religions and other people – but when a religion boasts millions who believe in brutality and violence… who do not believe in freedom or rights… they start to have their doubts about that group of individuals. It is a pity more Muslims don’t speak up like Haseeb has. But he is deluding himself if he doesn’t think there is something seriously wrong among the faithful of his religion. Only honest reformation within Islam would work and I don’t see the will among Muslims to do such a thing.


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