Jul 14, 2015

The Time For Diplomacy Has Passed But Not Of Opportunity

Common Sense Commentary: Confession ... A few weeks ago I was waiting for breakfast at a motel restaurant in West Texas. Two local residents, also waiting, were discussing a major expansion of the city's small hospital. One of the two was saying, "Why that's a fifty million dollar project. Where is this little ole town going to get that much money. To this the other man answered, "From the damn taxpayers ... They got plenty a money or they wouldn't be paying taxes." To that the first guy responded, "You fat frog, you never held a job longer than the first paycheck and have been living off us "damn taxpayers" all your miserable life." The fat guy turned to his double order of eggs, bacon and pancakes. I made it a point to shake that taxpayer's hand as I left. It was calloused and worn ... and so was he. I said not a word to the slothful slob with the double order. I didn't have the heart for it. The time for diplomacy has passed with the midnight, but not a time of opportunity. A new day is dawning on a changed America ... and it may be the day Jesus puts his hand on the door knob of time. I should have given them both a gospel tract ... but I didn't ... and I haven't forgotten it. RB

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