Sep 4, 2015

Jim Hoch Left A Lasting Impression On This World Famous Evangelist

Common Sense Commentary: Let me introduce you to two of my very interesting friends, Jim Hoch and Jack Van Impe, with this true story. Many years ago, when I was Pastor of a great church in Tallahassee, Florida.  Jim Hoch was a new Christian, always a sharp looking guy and member of the church I pastored. He was also somewhat of a word-master and was a terrific, front door greeter of visitors to our church, but wasn't very informed, at that time, on the Bible. I had invited internationally famous TV Evangelist Jack Van Impe to preach a seven day "Prophecy" revival and needed someone to pick him up at the airport, take him to lunch and to his room at the Hilton, where Jim had connections. I'm sure Jack was impressed by Jim's appearance and conversation. Now Jack Van Impe was hugely acquainted with the entire Bible and could quote great sections of it from memory. He had even been dubbed by the sacrilegious title of "The Walking Bible". Jack and his wife Rexella were very prim, proper, well groomed and insistently precise on every word, phrase and sentence in God's Holy Word. Correct Doctrine (the major truths of the Bible) was of utmost importance to Jack, and to me as well. That is one reason I invited him. Well, Jim never met a stranger, but knew his shortcomings on Scriptural truths and had to talk about something to this famous preacher. So instead of trying to impress him with how much he knew, he would ask him Biblical questions and let Jack do the talking. Exactly what Holy question to ask him first must have been swirling around in Jim's mind as he decided on a major, but difficult to understand doctrine. So he prepared himself for a deep theological discussion with this great man of God.

When his heart rate slowed down and the lump in his throat faded away, he asked Dr. Van Impe .... "So, what are your thoughts on the Holy Trilogy?"

Jack has long since forgotten who I am and where Tallahassee is ... but he still remembers Jim Hoch.

Jim and Joan, just an hour ago, left our home in Texas after a brief overnight visit, on their way to see two grandchildren in South Texas. He gave me permission to share with you that time he left a lasting impression on a world famous evangelist. And, if you read this  Brother Jack, you will be glad to know that Jim has grown in grace and Scriptural knowledge and is still serving our Lord. He has plenty to talk about these days... including the Holy Trinity. RB        

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