Sep 7, 2015

Who Would Believe A Texan Claiming 56 Peaks Higher Than Appalachians ?

No non-Texan would believe that would they???

Common Sense Commentary: Don't bet your life on anything you are certain about except Jesus. Jesus is no risk, no gamble. But many a gambler has lost his fortune, job, wife or life betting on something he was certain about. So what are you certain about. Maybe you are absolutely, positively certain that North Carolina and Tennessee or maybe Maine have the highest mountains in the U.S. east of those in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. How much would you bet against Texas having 56 mountain peaks higher than any east of the Mississippi
River in the Blue Ridge or Appalachian Smokies? Yes, that sounds like a sure thing bet. It even sounds like a bet impossible to lose. Where on earth, in Texas, could there be so many high mountains? It simply can't be true ... but it is. You lose. They are in West Texas

The highest 10 peaks east of the Mississippi 
all reside in the Blue Ridge province of the Southern Appalachians, most notably in the Black and Great Smoky mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. The top 10 are: (1) 6,684-foot Mount Mitchell, (2) 6,647-foot Mount Craig, (3) 6,643-foot Clingman’s Dome, (4) 6,621-foot Mount Guyot, (5) 6,611-foot Balsam Cone, (6) 6,593-foot Mount LeConte, (7) 6,571-foot Mount Gibbes, (8) 6,475-foot Potato Hill, (9) 6,417-foot Mount Chapman, and (10) 6,410-foot Richland Balsam.

The top six highest mountain peaks in Texas are 2000 feet taller:
Guadalupe Peak - 8,751 ft. ... Bush Mountain - 8631 ft.  
Shumard Peak - 8,615 ft. ... Bartlett Peak - 8,508 ft.
Baldy Peak - 8,378 ft. ... Hunter Peak - 8,368 Ft.

But, that is not all. Texas has fifty (50) other mountain peaks that are taller than any of those east of the Mississippi. That includes all of the Appalachians, Blue Ridge, Smokies, and Alleghenies. There is a caveat.
The elevation, at ground level in El Paso is 3800 ft. and the elevation in Ashville, N.C. is 2134 ft. But the Texas mountains are still higher. Things are seldom what they appear to be.

And you wonder why I love Texas. Texas has everything except the Statue Of Liberty... and it should be here. We have more immigrants than New York City. RB

You can check it for yourself. Wikipedia records all of the Texas peaks at this link:

The message here is this. Be very careful about 
what you are absolutely positive of... Especially 
when it has to do with your health, life or faith.
Most Especially concerning the fate of your 
eternal soul. Be sure your faith is in the God of
the Bible and Jesus only. Not in a Religion, a
Denomination, a Church, a Preacher, a baptism 
or a belief. Only faith in Jesus Christ saves us.

One a them dumb Texans done told ya. RB

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