Jan 18, 2016

Forbes List Of Richest Presidential Candidates

Hillary says she is "Almost broke". The question is, "In what way"? Financial, Political, Moral, Emotional, or Spiritual?

Common Sense Commentary: Riches earned honestly or inherited neither qualify nor disqualify a person for any political office. But, if a person is flat broke, that is a bad sign for anyone who wants to run the entire country. What really matters is, who is most qualified for the office, most honest, most disclosing, most loyal to the citizens, most loving of his country, and most truthful. And, for me personally, the thing which tips the balance, is the most sincere Christian, in my judgement. For those reasons, there are only about five or six of the candidates worthy of the office of President of the United States, in my opinion. I will not list their names because it is impossible to know the true character, integrity and sincerity of any person you have not known personally for a long time. We cannot see a person's heart and mind, and cannot believe, with certainty, what they say about themselves. As Jesus said, "If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true." John 5:31. (What one says about one's self in not objective)  Our choice, then, must be based upon what they have done as a matter of record, and the final element is asking God to lead us in our decision. Only He knows the whole truth about them all.

Here is Forbes Magazine's List:
1. Donald Trump  $4.5 billion

2. Carly Fiorina   $58 million

3. Hillary Clinton  $45 million

4. Lincoln Chafee $32 million

5. Ben Carson  $26 million

6. Jeb Bush  $22 million

7. George Pataki  $13 million

8. John Kasich  $10 million+

9. Mike Huckabee $9 million

10. Jim Gilmore $7 million

11. Jim Webb $6 million

12. Bobby Jindal $5 million

13. Ted Cruz  $3.5 million

14. Chris Christie  $3 million

15. Rand Paul   $2 million

16. Rick Santorum  $2 million

17. Lindsey Graham  $1 million

18. Bernie Sanders $700,000

19. Marco Rubio $100,000

20. Martin O’Malley  Zero

My final comment:
If you equate wealth with quality, you will get one or two of the best and several of the very worst. If you equate poorness with quality, you will get one of the best and one of the very worst. Neither are a good measurement, so I will follow this blog post with a second which shows what the top Republican Candidates believe on the issues. I will drop the Democrat Candidates because they are all wrong on everything. RB

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