Jan 3, 2016

Make The Most Of Your Lot In Life; God Can Use A Popsicle Stick

Common Sense Commentary: Use what you got. Its a lot more than what is not.

So you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but a Popsicle stick. OK, make the most of what you got. A Popsicle stick is more practical than a silver spoon which has one use only and requires constant protection against loss or theft, regular polishing ... for life, and constant washing. A Popsicle stick is an inexpensive, even free, expendable, but useful tool for dipping, stirring, spreading glue and as a shim, a splice or to twist two copper wires tight. Little rich, silver spoon kids know nothing of the value of a stick ... or a silver spoon, for that matter. You do. Make the most of your lot in life, prize it, educate it, polish it, love it and use it for your good and the glory of God who gave it to you... as an advantage. Your divinely appointed lot in life has within it the highest purpose possible for YOU. A stick kid may be skinny, but he is not afraid of work or poverty. He has had to work all his life for his needs and has already experienced being poor and knows how to be poor and how little a person really needs to survive. Silver spoon kids have large allowances and every need given them. Popsicle kids have earned a practical degree in the School Of Hard Knocks more important to character building than a Doctorate from "Elitist University". Too much is much more detrimental to character than too little. Physical beauty on a kid often becomes a teenage curse and can lead to all sorts of distraction, temptation, moral challenge and vain pride. If you are not beautiful, be thankful. Now you can concentrate on important qualities instead of spending your life reflecting in the mirror. Beauty has one asset and a hundred liabilities.

God gave all of us at least one talent. Major on that one primary talent and minor on the others. Make a lot of your lot in life and it will keep you interested and busy for all of your life. If your talent is only a stone, good. Remember that "stone" is the best foundation on earth upon which to build a castle, a fortress, a church or a home. So invest that Popsicle stick ... It is a treasure from God as it was for David who became a "rod in the hand of God" out of the "stem" of his Father Jesse (Isa.11). And as "a righteous branch" grew out of Davis's branch (Jer.23). And as the unseen power in a "stick" was used miraculously to redeem a lost thing (2 Kings 6:6). Even as God's "stick" drives an arrow head into the hearts of evil men (Psm.38:2).  There are dozens of other examples of God using sticks as the "candlestick" giving light in His holy Tabernacle and Temple, and as Shepherds use their "rod and staff" to guide, lift up, and protect their sheep. But let me use this last example of God using a simple stick in His Glorious service. The entire 37th chapter of Ezekiel foretells how that God will use the "stick of Judah", the "stick of Israel" and "Joseph, the stick of Ephraim" in His Kingdom in a latter times revival by a "covenant of peace for eternity".

God can use a stick in as great a purpose as a King, a nation, a genius or a mountain of gold. So you Popsticle Stick Kids get busy cultivating what God gave you. It is more than inherited riches, secular education, huge IQ, beauty or personality. Use what you got.

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