Jan 14, 2016

Top Generals Agree With Nothing Obama Said, In S0TU, Except Their Great Troops

They stood with the rest and applauded their fine troops... not Obama. 

Common Sense Commentary: Remember that Obama is Commander In Chief of all branches of the military, including the top brass, Generals and Admirals. Their lives, careers, families, troops, tactics, material, budgets and their branches of service are all in Obama's hands to strengthen, ignore or destroy. Put yourself in their place on the front row, under the direct eyes of their master, who never served a day, knowing what he expects of them, and imagine how they must feel. And yet, they did not grovel at the foot of his throne..... I commend them for their courage and integrity. RB

This from bizpacreview news

Military brass gives Obama stone-faced SOTU stare-down for his comments on military preparedness.

Click here for video....

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