Dec 30, 2016

A Classic: Newt Gingrich Explains Trumpism

There are graces he doesn't have, but two big ones 
he does have ... Common Sense and Courage

Common Sense Commentary: Trump, with all his bluster, boasting, hyperbole, funny hair and sissy way he makes a point with his fingers, has climbed the big ladder of financial success by his use of plain old Common Sense. Every job he takes on, the first thing he does is seek out the the smartest, motivated and experienced people in that new job's field of experts and puts them in charge. The second thing he does is avoid all areas of government bureaucracy and maneuvers the project around, over or under the thousands of government hindrances to private enterprise and raw efficiency. Then, he oils the rails, jacks up the action, revs the engines down the run-way and takes the thing off like a 747 in a hurry and lands it at its destination under budget and ahead of schedule. Of course, he can't avoid the vile Democrat obstructionists and Republican prima donas in Congress. They are the villains, spoiled brats and clowns in this failing opera company of star sopranos, grieving divas and conniving directors. You can be sure the left-wing Democrats (100%), and envious Republicans (25%) will join hands and hearts to derail Trump's sincere effort to save this country. But they better remember Trump is not only his name but his method, and his history tells me his detractors and enemies will be trumped in this card game and he has half the country standing around the table with black-jacks, concealed carry and they ain't happy with the cheatin been goin on around here. RB
You must hear Newt's summary of Trumpism ....

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Rex Blair said...

Dad, I couldn't open the I googled it and then tead the entire article...TWICE!
One of the best articles I have ever read! Makes me even a bigger Trump fan because he takes no prisoners when it comes to expecting excellence.