Dec 23, 2016

Being Elderly Gets Old: The Other Option Gets Embalmed

Common Sense Commentary: And time marches on till the last grain of sand falls and the last click of God's time clock.

At 86, another birthday is a bore except in my case it is Christmas Eve. I'll take all the birthdays God will give me ... it's kind of a verification I'm still in the land of the living.  If being young is a waste of stamina. Being old is a waste of experience. "Getting old" is another way of saying living longer".
Being elderly gets old: The other option gets embalmed or cremated. I don't mind getting old or even dying, but I'm glad embalming and cremation are justice against the Christian's sinful flesh not his born again soul. Not so with the unsaved. It really doesn't matter whether this old, troublesome flesh turns to dust or ashes, for the Christian, it has a new birth of glory coming, at the resurrection, which will adorn its born again spirit perfectly. So you who are young, take care of your temporal body but concentrate your care more on your eternal soul and spirit, your relationship with your Creator.
This reminds me of something I remember from long ago ....

Concerning age, kids think in fractions... "I'm 4 and a half going on 5". Never "36 and a half going on 37". Teens live in the future ... At 13 they are "going to be 16". The greatest age in life is when you "become 21". You have survived childhood and adolescence and are finally a real person. But, then you "turn 30". Makes you sound like bad milk ... "He turned ... so we threw him out." Then, after a lifetime you "reach 50" ... Hopes and dreams for wealth, success and fame gone with the winds of time. But, in spite of your feelings of failure, you "make it to 60." By then you have built up so much speed you suddenly "hit 70". After that its day by day. You "hit Tuesday", then you "hit Wednesday". In your 80's you "hit 4:30" and "reach bedtime". As fast as I am now aging, I expect to crash through my 90's and be in flight through my hundreds ... right into eternity ... with a smile on my face ... thanking God I didn't have to live on this earth 150 or 1000 years. I'm satisfied to be just 89 ... Is this still 2019... what time is it? Where am I ?  Oh well, eternal youth is on its way to this old man. Its a certainty... by grace through faith in Jesus.


Peter David Orr said...

Happy Birthday, Pastor Blair! Thank you for the blessing you have been in my, and so many others' lives.

Ron Blair said...

Happy Birthday Dad! Your humor and wisdom is ageless.

Regarding wisdom: Wisdom is knowledge that comes from experience.
Regarding experience: Experience cannot be bought .... but in most cases you pay for it.

Rex Blair said...

Have a blessed day Dad. Your earthly body is 86. Your soul is 86 going on thousands and thousands of years with Christ.
We get to trade in our earthly body like an old car for a new one that will be brand new every single day for eternity.
You continue to be a precious mentor to me. In fact you will forever be.
Love you!