Dec 31, 2016

George Soros: Jewish, Nazi Collaborator Against Jews

Common Sense Commentary: I have thought for years that George Soros was simply and evil man, but the recently revealed video below has adjusted my opinion of him. George Soros is an Atheistic progressive creation of the spirit of Antichrist. The first version of him was as a fourteen year old Jewish boy, whose wealthy father sold him to a Nazi official to be raised as the official's (counterfeit) "Christian" nephew, in order to spare George from the Nazi ovens. The Nazi official trained him to help him confiscate Jewish property and ship his own people, penniless, to the death camps. This weird, inhumane transition from Jewish boy into a tool in a Nazi monster's hands, created what has become a dispassionate, enemy of all but financial profit and his own one world agenda. George is probably the single such case in human history, and, according to him... has no regrets or guilt at what he did to his own Jewish people. He is a mechanical, money making machine without human emotion, strengths or weaknesses. He requires only digital money, power and comfort. He began as a human being, but seemingly morphed into a feeling-less, unbelieving, self perpetuating, inanimate, machine thing programmed to do what he does. I know that isn't possible, but it has that appearance when you study his life.  His net worth is estimated at $25 billion dollars which he uses to advance the establishment of a one world, Atheistic, Socialist government controlled by Fascists. I'm sure he doesn't realize it but he and dozens of other world billionaires are doing the work of Antichrist. RB

Watch the interview here ...

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