Feb 11, 2017

Not The Terminal, The Road To It Is The Point Of This LIfe

Drive carefully to your departure Terminal gate ...and don't worry about the flight. The Pilot knows where he is going, he lives there, and has a perfect record.... He has never lost a passenger.

Common Sense Commentary: Though I am old I am not dying any faster than you. I'm just farther down the road to the Terminal gate. However, you may live closer to it than I. As in a vacation, the trip there is sometimes more fun than the destination....for some people. It all depends on exactly where you are going and that depends on which of 360 directions you take and the hazards of the highway you choose to travel. If it is the Grand Canyon or the Grand Tetons you are headed for, no highway you can take will be as Grand as your arrival there. But if your destination is Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, enjoy the trip for it may be the only real fun you have. There's a lot to see in New York but 99.99% of it isn't worth the time of expense. And if it is Detroit you want to enjoy... stay home and camp out in the back yard.  

So in preparation for your journey, first you must either pay in advance for the trip, the lodging and benefits upon your arrival and stay, or have someone else pay it for you. And since an eternal vacation in God's heaven costs more than you could ever pay by living a perfectly holy life from birth to death, and since no one else on earth could ever pay that price for you, you will be obliged to accept a free ticket paid for in full by the wealthiest and only perfect man who ever lived. When that transaction is concluded, to his satisfaction and you set out for the terminal, every mile, moment and incident is recorded and important to your enjoyment of the trip, the flight, and your timeless stay in that special "place prepared for you". So as you head out into life with the right purpose, the right terminal, the right pilot, and the right destination chosen, drive carefully, obey the signs follow the written directions, and arrive at the right gate for your departure. Time spent at the terminal can be trying and even painful, but passing through it is necessary. When you depart, the wheels of time leave the Terminal runway, and all else for the duration of your eternity is arranged, paid for and secure. Enjoy your drive to the Terminal, take no baggage, show your boarding pass, relax and leave the flight to your final destination... in your Pilot's hands. The trip is short, but lay back and take a nap ... you will awaken safely at that glorious "place prepared for you". RB

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Rex said...

My terminal gate is known by my creator and He is the one that ounched my ticket guaranteeing the safe arrival into "Glory land".
What a wonderful feeling to know the Pilot in control, personally.