Mar 12, 2017

"Gerizim Or Ebal" A Parallel To My Previous Blog

"Multitudes in the Valley of Decision" Joel 3:14
Common Sense Commentary: Here is a poem which speaks to the same subject as my previous blog... "We Are On The Road To Bethlehem Or Gomorrah". The poem below is by a fellow blogger and member, with her family, of the church I pastored in Florida for 30 years. RB

Mt. Gerizim or Mt. Ebal?
 By:  Elaine Kelly Merritt 

We have come a long way from the golden rule
From Bible study and prayer in school
We are free to choose for better or worse
God promised a blessing, but also a curse.

On Mt. Gerizim, God appointed
Tribes sprung from Jacob’s wives who God anointed
On this mount, God’s blessings were read
Joshua did as Moses had said.

On Mt. Ebal, sins that were easy to conceal
Sins by all men, God did reveal
God asked Israel to publicly testify
His laws of transgressions, they had to rectify.

On the mountain top of Gerizim
God promised a blessing, not a schism
But it seems to me as I recall
Today we have taken a stand on Mt. Ebal.

I think when you read the lines below
You will see the results of the seed we sow
Through our forefathers God gave us a great nation
His Plan for spreading so great a Salvation.

On Godly principles our nation was created
Today those principles are world-weary and jaded
Political correctness is the law of the land
Christians have failed to take a stand.

Mighty empires have fallen before
Because the True God they did ignore
God says He will pardon; and that’s a fact
But to Mt. Gerizim, we must go back!

Deut. 11:26 & Deut. 27:11-13
Joshua 8:30-35
By:  Elaine Kelly Merritt 

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