Mar 13, 2017

No, Capitalism Isn't Dead, Just Trampled By A Herd Of Wild Donkeys

Kicking, bucking and snorting across our Land

Common Sense Commentary: The truth, which severs iron links of lies, hurts ... as does the removal of slavery's chains with a hammer and chisel. But freedom is worth the pain. 

Capitalism worked immensely well in the United States since its founding as a free nation in 1776. It worked because it was held in check by its Law, the U.S. Constitution, which channeled success like the body's veins transport life, renewal, healing and energy to all parts of the entire body. The U.S. body politic, each and every part, benefited from this God ordained system and functioned to the strengthening of the whole for many years. Some members of the body, though, seemingly less important than its more elevated members, were, none-the-less, vital.  Every organ and cell of our national body shared in the glory and global recognition of the American Dream, to greater or lesser degrees. But each member of this nation had, though not recognized by some, the very real opportunity to "pursue happiness", and enjoy, by their own ability, vision, intelligence and willingness to labor, and sacrifice today for success later. The proof of this fact is the hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens who were born into poor families, but labored, saved and applied their talents and time over years of struggle and sacrifice, which others were not willing to endure to gain similar success. The only flaw in the system of government God inspired our Founding Fathers to design and institute is the freedom to be stupid, lazy or a spendthrift. It is the depraved nature of the human condition, which causes that unredeemed half of the population which refuse to accept their own accountability for the willful mess and misery they themselves make of their equal opportunity. About half of the human beings in this country do not understand that the American Dream is not accomplished by someone else who pays the price of your success for you. The American Dream is like an open door through which you may freely enter into a sea to sea gymnasium of exercise equipment with which you may or may not build your own muscular, productive self. Nobody else can do it for you. It is your choice, responsibility and opportunity. Building muscle hurts but it is the inevitable price YOU must pay for your own success in whatever field. True success is not measured in dollars but in accomplishment... making the most of what your Creator, the God of nature, gave you and expects you to cultivate and use properly.

The American Free Enterprise System, Capitalism, is not quite dead. It has been abused, misused, accused, refused and trampled by a herd of wild Democrat donkeys, and a few Demopublican rogue, midget elephants. A wild, delusional bunch of muggers who think the nightmare of Socialism is superior to the political system which built this country into the greatest nation in the history of the world. It is not dying of natural causes or old age. It has not been conquered by an outside enemy.  It has been mortally wounded by barbarian jackasses from within, none of whom have any real, true concept of the God who laid the foundation of this nation. No, they do not.

As I have said before, all of this is playing into the hands of the Antichrist's Global government. But he, and those he rides into power, are playing into the hands of God... In the last chapter.

No apologies. The time for sweet diplomacy and passive acquiescence has passed. It is time for concentrated action to clean house with a sledge hammer and shovel and drain the Political Correctness swamp of poisonous frogs and vipers in Washington.  RB

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