Mar 22, 2017

Hungry Spiders And The World Wide Web

Common Sense Commentary: Practically every site, link and "Click Here" sign on the WWW is a spider hole of innocent appearance. But just inside all those World Wide Web little black holes is a huge black hole where lurks a hungry, giant spider ready to pounce and grab you up, binding you in a cocoon of sticky web to await his next feasting. Once you are got, it is near impossible to get ungot. World Wide Web is an appropriate name for a global network of money and information traps. It is a spider world of billions of separate, perfectly designed webs surrounded with aromatic flowers, and sweet jelly beans of every color and hue to attract your unsuspecting browsing attention. A simple "click" and you are grabbed ... finger, hand, arm and body and dragged into that almost inescapable blackness.... Its vortex swirling and sucking you into its giant money trap which squeezes, rattles and shakes you by your feet extracting your Social Security, Credit Card, phone, name, rank, and serial numbers plus your money and everything in your pockets. So ... watch out where you fly, little fly, and keep one eye on your business and one on that World Wide Web ... anxiously awaiting your arrival... when you go seeking free stuff. The feast is free ... but not for thee. You may think you are the dinner guest but you are really the main course. The Web and Facebook can be dangerous parts of town to accept an invitation to dine. RB

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Ron Blair said...

Ain't that the truth!!