Apr 24, 2017

3 Little Pigs, 3 Blind Mice, 3 Senseless Monkeys Tale

 All went up Capitol Hill With Jack And Jill

Common Sense Commentary: Common Sense abides not in the same brain as a Socialist. 

Three little pigs, three blind mice, and three senseless monkeys ...
went up Capitol Hill with Jack and Jill... alias Bill and Hill, to rule the U.S. money mill. The three pigs rode atop the taxpayers' load and their democrat donkey's rear. 

After Bill fell down and broke his crown, Hill grabbed up the crown, donned her royal gown, slipped quickly down and came tumbling after Bill. Then her little herd of pigs found much sloppier digs in a nastier pigsty than hers ... when Obama twice fried  Hillary's leathery hide and flipped her donkey ride into a Demo disaster slide. So the third little pig cried wee wee wee and burned cars, all the way home from the palace throne.

Meanwhile, the GOP, "establishment" Monkeys rode with sharp elephant goad, demanding their colleague mice-shills take monkey pills. But low and behold the mice proved bold, monkey blood ran cold ... when these super mice wouldn't play dice and get in the ole boys' establishment mold. A few mice, at least, morphed into Kings of the Beasts and threatened the Monkey kingdom's fancy frills and counterfeit Congressional bills.

 So now the news, on these RINO Monkeys' views, is that their Cool-Aid's fizziness has caused their political dizziness in their cross-eyed Monkey Business. They see no evil, hear no evil and speak evil like Democrats. Forgive me, I'll do better next time. RB

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