Apr 19, 2017

About Half Of Voters Are Adolencents In Adult Bodies

Common Sense Commentary: Immature little children and adolescents most often misinterpret what they see and hear. They are, indeed, great recorders but poor interpreters. Mature adults enjoy the cute and innocent conclusions children come to about what they see and hear. Their confusion is due to their lack of experience and wisdom which usually come with age. Bad judgment, so common in a childish and the adolescent mind, is the reason parents are usually held responsible for their children's bad, and damaging actions. Society, therefore, restricts children from driving, voting, and making life-changing decisions. We expect children to think and act like children, but when an adult, with the mind of a child, makes immature, childish decisions, mature adults usually attribute it to some sort of insanity, stupidity or even wickedness, when it is really the person's lack of maturity and resulting confusion. The problem is, they look like mature adults in their size, age, clothing and even white hair, but in truth, they are mentally... little children or adolescents. RB

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It is those who FOOL the adult 
children who are wicked or stupid.

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