Apr 18, 2017

The Illusions Of The Devious World Of Pretenders

There is more than a brick wall behind the curtain... 

Common Sense Commentary: I understand the world's obsession with entertainment. It is, to many, an escape from reality. For others, it provides a source of temporary hope for a better life. For some, it is a fantasy of heroes or beautiful stars ... idols to adore or even worship.... instead of God. And then there are those who are just bored with empty time and fill it up with pretension of love, adventure and meaning in life. Acting is just that ... pretension. When I grew up, heroes were all the good guys, honest, clean cut and courageous, and actors pretended to be them. In today's world the popular hero is most likely to be an anti-hero, lawless, promiscuous, and dishonorable.

Strangely, it seems, most of those who pursue high political office are simply the best actors... pretenders. They either have no real moral standards and honest convictions or if they have any, they are so thin and fluid that they are soon forgotten in the farce the devil has made of world politics. 
God instituted three things, the Family, His Church and Civil Law. All three were intended to be aids and protection for the welfare of every individual. That is why Satan spends all his time in seeking to corrupt, undermine and destroy those three entities.... if they are doing their intended purpose. He infiltrates all three with amoral, convincing actors pretending to be something they are not and deeply hiding their true nature ... sociopaths with their own self-centered agenda. We see it in individuals, religion and in politics. These sociopaths lie habitually, deceive, and misrepresent so convincingly that they cultivate a loyal, though naive constituency. That is how so many of them wind up in politics and over time become more and more deeply embedded and influential. Their lust for power and privilege drives them to build higher and higher towers of Babel to control more and more people. They sell those blind followers, of the spiritually blind, the illusion of freedom while they draw the chains of steel tyranny tighter and tighter. Their victims thus cling desperately to the hopeless illusion of their freedom from work, morals, responsibility, and judgment while the lie eats away at their soul and carries them farther and farther from reality into their own illusory existence on their way to a real hell. 

Even an unsavory character, like Frank Zappa, sometimes has short flashes of truth burst upon his mind. One of those rare moments came to light when he said .... "The illusion of freedom will last as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At that point, where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery; they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." That is what life was for Zappa and he had nothing else to cling to but a dead end. It is sad that so many people can't see on the other side of that brick wall of pretension to where God's universe opens up into a glorious eternity of all that is true and holy for those who reject the illusions and turn to the reality of God, His forgiveness, and life in Christ. 

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