Jun 22, 2017

Dems Are Being Buried In Grave They Dug For Trump

Common Sense Commentary: There are numerous, known incidents in the past when some murderous plotter secretly dug a grave for the object of his hatred only to be buried in it himself.
One of those grave diggers was a Mafia Hit man who did a fine job of digging but a poor job of killing. Another was a Ku Klux Klaner who dug his own grave in a place still unknown but he suddenly disappeared and the target of his hatred showed up with the plotter's gold watch, which he swore he found in the woods and no one could prove otherwise. Galatians 6:7 doesn't just apply to seeds but also to deeds. "...Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
Many an old Mountain Man Trapper has lost fingers in his won traps. Some lost a foot in their own bear trap, and a few their lives.
The moral of this story is, be very careful you do not participate in digging graves and setting traps for people you disagree with. You may succeed in digging it so deep you need a ladder to get out, but then have it cave in on you when you fill that last bucket with dirt to throw in his face. You may also set a bear trap for someone bearing ideas opposite to your own but forget exactly where you put it and find yourself trapped in your own inescapable handiwork. Unless your own life is threatened with imminent death, it is always best to use words as your weapons and ideas as your defense.

The Democrat conspiracy to obstruct Trump's campaign promises and destroy or impeach him is backfiring ...which is an unintended way of shooting yourself in the face with the shotgun shell you intended for someone else.

After a mammoth effort to get out the Democrat voters of Georgia, Tuesday, in a 50 Million dollar race for a U.S. House Of Rep. seat, they failed. The Republican won it.

The same thing happened in South Carolina on the same day. Another Republican beat the Democrat handily. 

Less than a month ago the same thing happened in Montana even after the winner was charged with assault in a set up against him.
From New York Times: On May 25, Greg Gianforte, a Republican technology executive who was charged with assault on Wednesday night, defeated Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate, in Thursday's special election for Montana's at-large Congressional seat.

Hatred, lies, loud accusations, and Soro's money are backfiring into the face of Democrats, but they just cannot help themselves. Theirs is not a death wish but a power and free money obsession which is carrying them to the political graveyard where they have been digging a deep hole for Trump .... but their name is on the tombstone.

Hate and greed are not a winning platform.

Charles Krauthammer blasted Democrats for continuing to preach a message of obstruction while ObamaCare continues to collapse.
"[Dem.Oregon Sen. Ron] Wyden says his purpose is to be loud," Krauthammer said. "Loud is not a program. They're obsessed with the process."
Krauthammer said American's don't care whether the health care bill was crafted in private, as long as it positively affects their life.
From Commentator Todd Starnes
The Democrats earned another moral victory last night -- losing a special election to fill Georgia's sixth congressional district.
Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff -- in the most expensive House race in history. "Women in this community stood up," Mr. Ossoff said in his concession speech. 

It's true - they stood up, got in the cars, drove to a polling place and voted for Ms. Handel. 

Mr. Ossoff, who bore a striking resemblance to "Pajama Boy", did not even live in the district -- but he did have the backing of Hollywood, the Mainstream Media and $23 million in mostly out-of-state campaign money. 

CNN anchors actually predicted the Georgia congressional race was a definitive referendum on President Trump. 

Turns out -- they were absolutely right. Congratulations, Mr. President - now 4-0 in congressional races against Democrats and the Mainstream Media. 

Still in effect....
"...Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." RB

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