Jun 21, 2017

Home Schooled Children Most Likely To Surpass Other Options... IF

Parental commitment is vibrant 

Common Sense Commentary: The first Homeschool requirement, for a superb educational atmosphere, is diligent and committed parents who do the teaching. The second is the child of that sort of teacher parents. The same thing is required in any excelling Christian School... excellent teachers, administrators, and students from the homes of great parents. The same thing is required in an effective Public School if there are any .... excellent teachers, administrators, and students from the homes of great parents. The problem with many Home schools is idealistic but lackadaisical
parents. The problem with some Christian Schools is the same idealism, but underpaid and inferior teachers, administrators who are untrained, and overcrowded classrooms. One of the biggest problems with most Public Schools is "tenured teachers", too many of which have poor teaching skills, and administrators who are disorganized and negligent, plus overcrowded and undisciplined classrooms.

My friend, Jim Pound, and I founded three highly successful Christian Schools, in three different counties, and he, a fourth in another county. They all were Kindergarten through High School. A very large majority of our graduates went on to college and thousands of them have gone on to successful careers and lives. The quality of teachers and administrators is by far the most important aspect of a truly great school even if the school is in a ghetto. Add "Christian" content to that and you have a winning combination for education at any level. Little children are like a sponge hungry for knowledge..... but the motivation and good information, like water, must be there for them to soak it up. RB 

Below is a link to an example of an exemplary Home school which produced a 6-year-old Spelling Bee champion. Skip the intro ad.... 

Meet Edith Fuller, the Spelling Bee's youngest contestant in history

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