Jun 27, 2017

Hey You Hero Jocks And Popular Kids, PUT A STOP TO THIS!!

Common Sense Commentary: Yes, of course, it is easy to say, this young girl should not have taken the bullying so seriously, and, yes, her parents should have raised hell with the school officials, and, yes, the school officials should have taken action without pressure from the parents, and, yes, the Jocks, athletes and popular kids should have put a stop to the bullying, but, evidently none of that happened. Call it cowardice or fear or neglect or stupidity, or whatever strikes you, but this sort of thing has to stop. Bullies at school could and should have been dealt with by, at least, the athletes who are usually stronger and more fearless than the other students and are also already campus heroes. So why didn't you jocks, who had nothing to lose, kick these cowardly bullies in the... in the ... the kneecaps or some more appropriate spot when you saw what they were doing to the weaker teens? And don't tell me it was none of your business. It is as much your business as a burglar in your home is your business. It should be so obvious to everyone that the strong should not have to be reminded of their God-given obligation to protect the weak. If you don't protect them, no matter how strong you are, you are a moral weakling and coward. God gave the strong a holy commission to protect the helpless and weak as the good Samaritan helped the beaten and robbed, helpless man.

"I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak ...." Acts 20:35.

"We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves." Rom.15:1.

This precious, young, effeminate and gentle girl could not defend herself and did not have the rough or abusive home atmosphere which hardens young people against abuse by their peers. The picture I saw of her was of a sweet and innocent little flower of a girl. This sort of thing at school or on Facebook angers me to the core. I am calling on you popular kids and strong, athletic types to be the protectors of those younger or weaker than you ... not to pick on them, ignore them, or make them feel "worthless" as this little girl was made to believe of herself. RB

This from FOX News

Obituary of 15-year-old who committed suicide calls out school bullies

The family of a 15-year-old Pennsylvania girl who hanged herself are using her obituary to call out bullies who made the teen’s life worse at school.
Sadie Riggs died Monday and her family posted her obituary online to debunk any rumors of the death.
“It is hard to fathom that someone so young could be so troubled,” the family wrote, adding that the teen went to counseling and took medications for emotional issues complicated by bullying, much of it on social media. “For a young lady so excited about going to high school, things sure went terribly wrong for her.”
The bullies, the family said, made Riggs feel “worthless.”
Many kids are so vulnerable and defenseless at this age, and so afraid of being rejected, that they are easily taken advantage of. So be a man or a strong young woman... put a stop to this abuse in your schools. Fight? If the adults won't stop it and that's what it takes. RB

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