Nov 28, 2014

Who Is The Hero, Who The Victim And Who The Guilty

Common Sense Commentary: One of many young American men volunteers to endure months of rigorous training to qualify to become a United States Marine. He knows when he enlists that there is a war going on in Afghanistan and Iraq and that almost all of those who join the Marines will be sent to one of those countries to fight for the safety of his own country and stop world terrorism. He is killed in a battle with Muslim terrorists and his body sent home for burial. Few attend his funeral. The hometown news media says a few words of his death. But the National, U.S, media says not a word of his loss. To the Government he serves ... he is just another  number. Within a few days he is forgotten by all but his family.

Another young American man chooses to stay home to roam the streets, smoke pot, drink liquor, shoplift from local stores, pick fights and cause trouble. He is a big 18 year old and heavily musseled. He is old enough to vote. He has just robbed a local store and is walking in the street when the policeman, sent to investigate the robbery, stops him and tells him it is against the law to walk in the street and to get back on the sidewalk.  He refuses to do so and walks toward the officer in a threatening manner. The officer sees the stolen merchandise and attempts to arrest the young man but is attacked and knocked to the ground. The young man is atop him beating his head against the pavement. The officer fears for his life and shoots him. several times. The entire neighborhood is up in arms. His family swears he is a "good boy" and wouldn't do that. The news media shows a younger picture of him and speaks of him as an unarmed teenager,  calls him "The Gentle Giant" and portrays him as the victim. RB

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Rex Blair said...

A picture is worth a thouand words.