Dec 27, 2014

Christianity: The Largest "Professing" Religion In The World

Common Sense Commentary: The word Satan means "hateful accuser". He is not only the great "accuser", he is also the great "confuser". Jesus said "...he is a liar, and the father of it." John 8:44. 


It started with the most remarkable person ever to live, born of a virgin, sinless, truth itself, God in the flesh, crucified, resurrected and eternally alive, Jesus Christ. Jesus, Himself, did not put a name on His church. If He had, every self professing church in the world would have claimed that same name as proof they were the true church ... regardless of what twisted, perverted gospel they preached. Satan definitely would not have passed up that opportunity. Jesus simply called His followers "disciples", "saints" and His "church" with a small, lower case "c" (not a proper name of a person, place or thing). He called them "disciples" approximately 70 times in Matthew. Luke   addressed them as "disciples" about 40 times in the book of Acts alone.  The writers of the epistles addressed their letters to "the church of ..." whatever city. or "to the saints..." of an area or city. Apostle Paul addressed a letter "to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ at Colosse". Apostle Peter addressed one "to the strangers ... Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father". He addressed another "to them that have obtained like precious faith with us ...." Apostle John uniquely addressed one "to the elect lady and her children" and in the Revelation, he addressed "to the seven churches which are in Asia ..."

The numbers and percentages of the below survey reflect "professing" Christians, in general, whatever their denomination or commitment to Christ. Where "Protestant" is used, it includes "Baptists", which requires further explanation. Historically, and in reality, Baptists have never been "Protestants" in that true Baptists have never been part of the Catholic church, so their origin was not gained by their "protesting" or separating themselves from the Catholic church, as did all "Protestant" denominations.  It is a shame on most Baptist pastors that they have never made this fact clear to their congregations. Actually, it seems, most churches and even pastors who call themselves "Baptist" do not even know that history of Baptists. If you are a Baptist, it is important to know that true Baptists were never Catholics and therefore are not "Protestants". "Evangelical", as a separate denominational group, is a relatively new term. Pentecostals and Charismatics, as denominational names, only date back somewhat longer. The Pentecostals, by church name, began with a youth group in Topeka, Kansas in 1901, and the Charismatics, as a church name, date back to an Episcopal pastor, "Father" Dennis Bennett, in Van Nuys, Calif. in 1960.

Baptists were called by various other names prior to first being called "Anabaptist" by the Catholic church. These "Anabaptist" Christians did not accept Catholic sprinkling, pouring or infant baptism and required converts to be "Anabaptist" which meant "rebaptized" or, in truth, scripturally baptized, as New Testament Christians were baptized. That is, upon their personal profession of faith in Christ and immersion in water, as Jesus was baptized of John the Baptist "in" the Jordan River. Baptism is a picture of salvation not salvation itself. We Baptists did not get the name from John the Baptist but were denounced and vilified with the name "Anabaptist", by Rome. And that is not so unique. "And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." Acts 11:26. Until that time they were simply the disciples of Christ, and, as a local body, "the church at ......"

So, here is the Pew Research Center's "Global Christianity" report of an "out of focus" survey of where professing "Christianity" is found in the world today. If you are not already confused enough by Christianity's "denominationalism", this may finish your confusion capacity. Nothing on Earth is more tangled than "religion", and "professing" Christianity is, itself, conflicting to the extreme ... but then, again, why would Satan miss such an opportunity to confuse the issue?  All of which proves the truth that what only matters is, not what you call yourself, but what you believe ... and live... what you are. The true heart of the matter is this: Do you truly "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ" as your Savior? If so, Acts 16:31 says you are "saved". The name of the church you attend doesn't prove it is Christ's church even if it calls itself "Christian" or "Baptist". What it believes, lives and preaches proves what it is. A den of thieves, bar or bordello can put up a sign "The Church Of Jesus Christ" or "Baptist Church" but .... That doesn't make it Christ's church 

You won't read all of this survey, but scan the graphs.

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