Dec 9, 2014

ObamaCare Democrat Architect, Gruber, Explains Calling U.S. Voters Stupid ... Ten Times

Common Sense Commentary: He only has one gate in this race ... straight ahead ... In this video, Gruber admits his reason for saying ten stupid things ...."I said it to make myself look smarter than they". I'm sure that is the truth, but frankly, every single Democrat politician, cabinet member, czar and bureaucrat, plus half of the Republican, feel exactly the same way about voters, but won't say it out-loud or admit it except in private. And, it is true ... of all those voters who voted this stupidity into office and twice voted for Obama. So on that score and concerning those voters ... That is truly the worst kind of  "stupid".... stupid to the bone.

Here is the video of Congressman Trey Gowdy grilling Gruber:

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Rex Blair said...

The "stench" of cover up is overpowering and makes me want to throw up as I watched this.
The statements by Mr Gruber were absolutely his true feelings and the true feelings of his "compadres" who helped design and write this legislation. I can picture the backroom scene around the table as the designers of this legislation laughed and cracked jokes as they planned this hoax on the poor stupid American voters.
"Stupid stupid does"