Jan 28, 2015

As God's Stewards, Frugality Is Always In Order... Especially Now

Common Sense Commentary: Waste, lavish living and squandering are never in order if one professes to be a Christian. There are literally thousands of life and death needs in this old world which are worthy causes to support. Helpless little children here in America and around the world, people who have no job through no fault of their own, elderly people whose savings have been drained by a derelict government whose policies have left retired people with 0 or 1% interest which has forced them to spend their principle down to nothing. Inflation is another financial problem caused by bad government policies which robs everyone of their income. Working people around the globe are not only losing the buying power of their income but are forced to support half the population who will not or cannot work. Millions of welfare recipients have more to live on than many hard working tax-payers with jobs. That is a crime.

This problem is compounded by the financial uncertainty and continuous loss of living wage jobs. If there every was a time of impending disaster and economic insecurity, it is right now. In such a time, the sin of the prodigal is the more unwise. The waste or misuse of your resources is following in the tracks of the prodigal son who "wasted his substance with riotous living" and "came to himself" in abject poverty with nothing left and nowhere to turn except to his father ... in repentance. Lk.15:13.

When Jesus worked a miracle to feed the multitude bread and fish, he never the less admonished his disciples not to waste the leftovers even though He could have performed the same miracle at will.
"When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost." John 6:12. Why would He say that except to teach them frugality and the sin of waste.

Maybe the richest man who ever lived, King Solomon, is also known for his wisdom. The wisdom of Solomon concerning material things is revealed in his admonition of both the wise and the foolish...
"There is treasure ...and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up." Prov.21:20.

I challenge you Christians to take up the slack, cut expenses, save your resources, be generous, but be wise. If you are in a real Bible preaching, Jesus loving and soul winning church, support it. If not, leave. But stop "wasting your substance" like a prodigal child. It is better to be prepared for what does not happen than to be unprepared for what does. Pray about it. God will lead you in the right direction; Men may not. RB

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