Jan 21, 2015

This Could Be My Most Important Blog ... For a Few Of You Facebook Fans

Common Sense Commentary: There is a reason King Solomon is known as one of the wisest men who has ever lived. He was also one of the most prolific writers. His writings, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
and Songs Of Solomon are packed full of wisdom. It is commonly said that if you would be wise, read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. In all of his writings, I can't think of a single thing he wrote down which was inappropriate or could be used later, by an enemy, to attack him. He guarded his words and wrote only as God moved him. He reveals the wisdom of caution in our thoughts and words in this verse ... "Curse not the king, no not in thy thought ... for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.Ecclesiastes 10:20. 

What he is saying is, you had better consider the possible impact on your own life and welfare before you blurt out some accusation, denunciation or recrimination against the all powerful rulers of that day. There weren't any real democracies or republics in Solomon's day and the kings could execute anyone at will. That is still done, even in our day, under dictatorships and it may well come to that in our own country.  What is happening in America today,which has never been a cause of division , debate and destruction before, is "Social Media" such as Facebook and Twitter. Some people say things on Facebook today which are absolutely unbelievable, demeaning to themselves and just plain dumb. Solomon said,  "that which hath wings shall tell the matter"  If there ever was a means of communication which defined that phrase it is Facebook.  "Guard your words spoken or written and remember that what you say may be quoted and misquoted a thousand times, but what you write may be used against you for a lifetime." 
If you are not prepared to suffer the consequences of your words, you had better not say them. If you don't have time to think before you speak, you do have time to think before you write, and unlike speaking it, writing it proves you said it. RB

Facebook now crops up in a third of 
divorce cases over cheating and old flames 

By Samantha Yule

Facebook unwittingly provides evidence of infidelity and new relationships, helps track people’s movements and records expenditure on everything from cars to holidays

Facebook is now cited in a third of all divorce cases, research has shown.

A survey of legal firms’ caseloads revealed the social network is increasingly relied upon as proof of inappropriate behaviour.

Facebook unwittingly provides evidence of infidelity and new relationships, helps track people’s movements and records expenditure on everything from cars to holidays.

Leeds law firm Lake Legal said many cases revolved around social media users who got back in touch with old flames they hadn’t heard from in years.

Managing partner Lyn Ayrton said: “Social media provides an ongoing log of our lives. The sharing of written posts and pictures, often with geo-tagging, provides a record of activities that can be used in a court case.

“Often, if a partner refers to an impending bonus, a new job offer, or plans for a holiday, it may provide evidence that they are not telling the truth about their financial position. At the very least, it could call their credibility into question.

“It’s like having a massive public noticeboard.

GettyMan live blogs about cheating wife “Somebody said she was not in a relationship with anybody new but then posted a message inviting everybody to a housewarming party for her and her boyfriend.”

Specialists at the firm examined over 200 cases and found Facebook was used by legal teams in just over a third of cases.

Julian Hawkhead, a managing partner at Stowe Family Law, said: “Photographs and comments made on these forums can be used as evidence of relationships or of a lifestyle which contradicts what people will otherwise try to portray.

"We regularly find clients coming to us with information they have found which is available in the public domain with proof of a relationship.

"However, the Internet can also provide a useful source of other information. Our in-house forensic accountancy team will often find rich pickings in gathering financial information through a Google search about a party, their location, where they have been and what they are doing with their lives.

“People need greater awareness of what information they are leaving about themselves on the Internet which is otherwise waiting to be found at the touch of a button.”

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Ron Blair said...

I'm not a Facebook user .... but anyone who is ignorant (notice I didn't say "stupid") enough to put personal info out for the world to see should expect such results. Like the old adage says: "you can't fix ignorance (notice I didn't say stupid)."